Some Facts About Lego

Did You Know That Some Facts About Lego

LEGO is one of the amazing institutions of our time with probably the best range ever made toys.
To pay the bills, Ole began producing small wooden toys in his workshop and sold them locally. Two years later, he named his company LEGO whose name is based on two Danish words "leg" and "Godt", which means "play well" and therefore was released LEGO. His first toy was a wooden toy duck.
Ole Kirk Christiansen did not actually invented toy building bricks. It was inspired by a type of patent self-locking brick building in Britain in previous years. LEGO has acquired all rights to the brick system, where the inventor is dead, and the first LEGO bricks were more or less an exact copy of this system.
LEGO bricks, as we know at present, were created in 1958. The brick built yet so intertwined with built today. LEGO bricks are designed so that the product is not for everyone. From children to school children, young adults, from standard bricks assemblies for large groups inspired, including LEGO Airport LEGO Taj Mahal and fill LEGO Tower.

Did you know that:

Each year about 19 billion LEGO bricks are made. This is 2.16 million LEGO bricks every hour, or 36,000 per minute.
LEGO building process is so precise that only 18 in every 1 million LEGO bricks manufactured are thought to be flawed.
LEGO produces about 306 million small rubber tires each year, which means they are more tires of any tire manufacturer in the world.
Young people around the world spend about 5,000 hours a year to have fun with LEGO games.
About 400 million people around the world have played with LEGO bricks.
Well over 400 billion LEGO bricks have been made since 1949.
7 LEGO sets are sold by stores every second worldwide.
LEGO parts purchased in one year would be around the world 5 times.
World Lego tower 94.3 feet (28.7 m) with 465,000 bricks.
World Longest LEGO Building on 5179.8 1578.8 ft (m) with 2.9 million bricks.
The largest LEGO Photo World 870.15 feet (80.84), with 1.2 million bricks.
The world record for the largest Lego castle used 400,000 bricks.
The Lego Group has calculated that only eight stud bricks can be arranged in 915,103,765 unique ways.
The larger house built from interlocking plastic bricks 4 is 69 meters (15 feet 4 inches) in height, 9.39 meters (30 feet 9 inches) long and 5 to 75 meters (18 feet 10 inches) wide and has two floors with four bedrooms completely. It was carried out by 1,200 volunteers and James May (United Kingdom) for Toy Stories James May in Dorking, United Kingdom 17 September 2009. 2.4 million LEGO bricks were used. The house had an inner timber support structure.
The tallest structure built with bricks plastic jam was 30.52 m (100 feet, 1 inch) tall and was built by the Stichting Limmen Ludiek (Netherlands) in in Limmen, Netherlands, June 6, 2010. Two LEGO engineers - For Knudsen and Karsten Niebuhr - also traveled to Denmark to help oversee the trial.
The largest collection of complete sets of LEGO in a private collection in 1091 and is belong to Kyle Ugone (USA) in Yuma, Arizona, USA, from 23 July 2011.
In 2000, the British Association of Toy Retailers called "Toy of the Century" Lego brick, defeat the teddy bear, Barbie and Action Man.
Germany is the primary market for Lego worlds, in fact, Lego is the number one toy in Germany. Popular lines in Germany are Lego Technic and Lego City.
All Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System is the Lego set ever bestseller.
The first three types of Lego games were the city, and the pirates space.

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