Something You Should Know About Kik Step Stools

A stool is considered an important part of the house, especially the kitchen. If you need to get something of wall cabinets, you can easily access using a ladder.

However, if you have a vinyl or wood, which can be very difficult to maintain stability on a stool because you can accidentally slip.

You can always choose from the models of these stools that meet their needs and promote their safety. The most appropriate brand stools for those with vinyl or parquet especially in the kitchen stool would Kik-Step. This brand sells various models that are guaranteed to be durable and promote safety.

A popular model for Kik-Step brand would Silvertone Kik-Step. This step stool classic does not rust immediately and you are assured that this stool is durable.

It features a tread non-slip rubber in all stages, preventing a person from slipping. Aside from that, the stool is also easy to move and retractable wheels that can be blocked for your safety. In addition, to ensure that the falls will be avoided, in addition to the function of slip resistance, it also has a bumper protection. This type of feces has a capacity of 500 pounds.

Even if you are carrying a heavy load when using the ladder, you are always assured that the step is durable and able to withstand the weight. The material is made of durable materials that are easy to clean. Thus, this type of stool is not much maintenance. The bumper rubber stool helps prevent damage to walls and doors and other furniture.

It is also good for other office needs, shop and library.

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