Spend The Summer Holidays In Latvia

With its captivating scenery, Latvia is a year round destination. It is particularly magic during the summer, however. Meanwhile, Latvia offers very long days (up to twenty hours) the parties on the white sand beaches, swimming in the Baltic Sea and hiking in the lush forests - all reasons to spend your vacation of was in Latvia.

Latvia has one of the longest sandy beaches in Europe, so get your summer vacation to spend some time. Go to Jurmula, first coastal resort in the country next to Riga, where you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing, or relaxing while enjoying the view breathtaking Cape Kolka.

The third largest city in Latvia, Liepaja hosts an annual rock festival in the country and the largest part of the beach, so make sure to stop for a night of dance and mingle with the local crowd during your summer holidays in Latvia.

For another way to experience nature, visit the Gauja National Park, the largest national park and the oldest in Latvia. There are many hiking trails and bike paths park, as well as wildlife and interesting rock formations. The weather is ideal for tourism, too, so spend some time during your summer holidays in Latvia to take a walk through the cobbled streets of Riga while admiring the Art Nouveau architecture or go to Sigulda and do a tour of some old castles. Turaida Castle is one of the best castles in Latvia, which was built in 1214 and restored in 1970.

There are also several summer festivals you can attend while in Latvia. The biggest festival is the Jani festival, a public holiday in Latvia celebrating the summer solstice. During the festival, Jani, campfires and flea markets. The Cesis festival is another great summer festival held in the town of Cesis in August To celebrate the medieval heritage of the city, there are shows with medieval knights.

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