Sushi Kit Makes The Best and Right For You?

Sushi Kit Makes The Best and Right For You? ~ There are a number of sushi kits do out there to choose from. Want a sushi making kit:

Primarily, it has all the ingredients that already have so you do not have to try to find them in an Oriental grocery store yourself? or

A having a (Matte sushi rolling bamboo) makisu and perhaps a rice paddle? or

Maybe you are looking for a new fangled machine invented to roll sushi easier or more convenient?

Now let's break these choices down into 2 separate categories to make it easier to identify your new kit and inform you about what to look for.

Sushi traditional manufacturing kits

These kits contain a combination of a traditional sushi bearing pad ( "makisu") and rice leaf sushi making ingredients.

Sushi rolling mat

There are basically two types or styles available. A wide blade is flat and the other has small round bamboo sticks about the diameter of a skewer. Prefer the one with broad flat blades personally. It is harder and feel more control over it during rolling. A tuna roll is an example of a roll hosomaki ingredient 1.

Paddle rice

Rice paddle (or "Shimoji") usually comes in wood, bamboo and plastic. You get a lot of times comes down to personal choice. Wood tends to absorb things in a bamboo shovel will not. Opting for a bamboo shovel if you want a timber such as rowing.

Bamboo is a grass. Some plastic rice palettes come with little "bumps" on the surface making it harder for rice to keep this kind of rowing, in comparison with a standard bamboo shovel. This is an advantage of a plastic shovel with collisions is more than one standard bamboo shovel. Anyway, you pretty much get good results with either choice, however.

Sushi Making Ingredients

If you are new to sushi you might be familiar with all the necessary ingredients to make sushi and opt for a kit that has already understood everything. For however good results, there are some things to look for to ensure your kit has good quality ingredients:

1. Choose a good brand of kit. Sushi Chef is based ingredients sushi brand's most popular kits decision and they are known for their good quality ingredients.

2. Any other kit "mounted" (does not contain all the same ingredients brand). These kits have different combinations of different ingredients marks. Some things to look for the most common ingredients included in this kit are:

Rice. Nishiki Kokuho and pink are some of the most common types of rice included in a kit like this. Both are good brands, strong rice to make sushi and you will get good results with them. They are not a premium brand of sushi rice well. For the best sushi rice usually uses a small super premium white grain of rice. Both Nishiki Kokuho Rose and medium grain rice and has no super premium quality. Two short cereal brands of super premium white rice recommend are Tamaki gold and Tamanishiki. Or is included in all the kits but this time. Mention them so you can get them individually yourself if you are wanting to do the best sushi rice.

Rice vinegar. Look for a kit that makes and you will be fine. Seasoned rice vinegar is supposed to be ready to blend in with your rice to make sushi rice. Recommend you buy vinegar seasoned rice and make your own sushi spices to get better results using a very good recipe.

Nori Sushi. Do you want a kit that has a very high quality "grilled" or "roasted" sushi nori. If the nori is light green or you can see through it, is a China nori cheap. Do not buy a kit that has this type of nori.

Sushi Ginger ( "Gari"). There are many different brands of sushi or ginger preserves available, making it difficult to tell what brand is better on the other in a kit of this type. Ginger is what is best for sushi ginger and tends to turn light pink when he saves. Old ginger tends to become redder research. Sometimes manufacturers will really add a red dye for ginger to try to make it more "attractive", inadvertently, are not aware that sushi lovers Connoisseurs know that pink (young ginger) is better than red (old ginger).

Non-traditional Sushi Making Kits

Those who tried to ride with a traditional sushi mats may be looking into this category because they may have found the style of the old school was working hard.

That said, we will also examine some things "attention" when looking for these types of kits. Some of them limit what you can do with the kit.

Beware of the one-size roll. If you want to make sushi rolls of different sizes, as hosomaki (small), Chumaki (medium), and futomaki (big), there are kits out there that are able to make one size. Makes a roller about the size of only a futomaki roll.

Watch your kit with numerous bits and pieces. There are some kits that contain up to 4-6 pieces in just to make a sushi roll. And for me, roll sushi, several parties are no better.

Nigiri Sushi Mold / Maker. Most kits do not contain a tool to make nigiri sushi (rice oval formed by hand with a slice of meat on top). The exception is the kit to make magic sushi Sushi Combo.


We have reviewed some of the basic things to look for when choosing a sushi kit to traditional or non-traditional.

Things like that sushi mat and paddle rice is best, what to look for in a kit containing sushi ingredients, and a summary of what to be careful when choosing a kit that contains a non-traditional device developed to help roll your sushi or nigiri sushi forming easier or more convenient.

Hopefully now you'll be armed with enough knowledge to be able to go out and make an informed decision on which decision sushi kit is good ... for you.

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