The Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic

As a prototype of the Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic was named Aerolithe (meaning Greek meteorite). Single and a break from racing cars and sports tourer which became one of the cars of the most prestigious collectors completely. Ralph Lauren world famous Fashion designer has a fully restored authentically model the pride of his collection.

The 57SC Atlantic was a development of the Type 57, which itself was largely designed by Jean Bugatti, son of Ettore Bugatti aged 23 years. Specify the engine, suspension, road performance and effective braking is these remarkable models. Visually, the most characteristic feature of the 57 SC Atlantic are the windows "kidney shaped" side, split rear window and the first fins ever seen in a car. It is riveted flange design that results in the fins along the center of the body and the mudguard.

The "S" stands for "sousbaisse," the French word for lower or underslung while "C" is for "compressor", which means fan or compressor. The original prototype, the prototype Aerolithe Electron, debuted at 1935 Paris Motor Show. The aim of Jean Bugatti was to design a high speed of the final major tourism campaign. The idea was body being constructed of electrons, an aluminum-magnesium alloy, but it was difficult to work with the light was compared to conventional materials.

The first of the Atlantic was built in February 1936 and was sold to Lord Phillipe de Rothschild, who later sold to Dr. Peter Williamson for the considerable sum of $ 59,000 in 1971.

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