The Bugatti Type 57 Touring Car

Bugatti racing cars are probably the best known type 35, 51 and 59 models Grand Prix. But the race cars were the smallest part of the Bugatti production line. Most cars are sports cars, although they were in fact cars.

Passenger cars of Bugatti Type 57, 3.3-liter eight-cylinder car produced between 1934 and 1939 is the most important. W
orking example Ettore Bugatti.

The Type 57 twin-cam produces 130 horsepower and is available from March 1934. During the production of Type 57 some sporting versions were made, ie 57S, 57C Type 57SC very little. The engine was a remarkable piece of engineering even by today's standards. The housing is cast aluminum pistons invar Bonalite with rods being mounted in most cars.

The intake manifold mounted on the right side of the engine design has changed several times during the time that the type 57 was a significant improvement in production. The cable brake system was operated for the end of the production run in 1938, it was changed to a hydraulic system to Lockheed.

Performance a1934 Type 57 was reported by Motor Sport to reach 105 mph while ...

"The 57S has a really incredible performance to be capable of 115 mph, which is extraordinarily good for a non-blown sports car"

Quick as these cars were they were also fun to drive even in traffic in London According to the late Sir Malcolm Campbell, who, suspect some more excellent handling, the really brilliant acceleration and powerful brakes.

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