The DAO Kung Fu Panda

A comment on the wisdom of various quotes from the movie Kung Fu Panda.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today? Today is a gift. That's why they call it the present.

A great quote and probably the most known word in Kung Fu Panda (and catchy!). Tomorrow is over and finished with. time and energy to devote to this to worry about things that are now the story is a waste of resources.

Tomorrow is a mystery. Your life can change dramatically in the next 24 hours ... or maybe tomorrow will be the same as today. Whatever plans you can do, the future is out of your direct control.

Today is a gift. Now you have control over your thoughts and feelings. You, and you alone, have the power to assign meaning to their condition and the circumstances. Decide today which means you want to join the events in your life. Do not allow yourself to be subjugated to foreign meanings imposed on those around you.

No accident

Master Wugui (Oogway) is the source of wisdom in Kung Fu Panda, which is a great quote that points to the underlying unity of existence. There are no accidents ... just events. What we see before us are terribly complex interactions, but nevertheless real, between the particles that are invisible to all but the most powerful microscopes. These particles can cause apparent accidents to occur, but this is an illusion, as the Master said Wugui. It gives us, ourselves driven ego is a scoring event of an accident that obscures the greater truth of the unity of our perception.

There are no secret ingredients

This is my favorite sentence of Kung Fu Panda.

No secret ingredients. You do not need to "secrets". The "secret", if that's what it is, is in harmony with its true nature and maintain harmony throughout his life. You are enough; you have everything you need to live your life. The people around you are living their life and after his truth. "My truth is not your truth," as Bruce Lee. Do not confuse the truth of others with their own truth. Exercise to find your own path and follow it with your heart. No secret ingredients.

Often meets his destiny on the road to avoid it

Much of the first half of the film is about the characters - including Po, Kung Fu Panda you - accept Bear overweight is really the Dragon Warrior. It is your destiny, but only master Wugui can see that.

Banish influences ask you to do other than to comply with its own unique destination anything. Take your life tangent can bring fulfillment, success, achievement and so on, but how you feel five minutes later? Achieving these goals was contrary to his nature, you will know immediately. Sooner or later you will have to take a long hard look at yourself again and consider the direction your life takes. Take a moment and consider if your heart says that their current path is your destination. Otherwise, you will save much time and effort to recalibrate their guidance system and back in the direction you know deep inside that you enter.

This is a central teaching in Kung Fu Panda

Let go of the illusion of control

Another great Master Wugui.

This refers to both the internal and external control. Outwardly Wugui Master speaks to overcome the idea that you can control things outside of you. In one of the great moments of Kung Fu Panda Master Wugui emphasizes that the seed of a peach will turn into a peach tree. It is their nature. You may not want a peach tree; you may prefer apples. But you will not be an apple tree of a peach seed. An attempt to control the nature of fishing seed is illusion.

Internally, the quote reminds us yet again that we can not ultimately control our true nature. Try to do this is a temporary illusion, but it can potentially cause enormous damage to yourself if you're not careful. Not reign in its true nature. Search and harmonize with it. He is your friend, not your enemy.

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