The Difference Between Universal and Integrated Hands-Free Bluetooth Kits What are Best?

Between Universal and Integrated Hands-Free Bluetooth Kits ~ There are many different types of Bluetooth hands-free kits on the market, many different brands, styles and designs that offer different functions. However, each kit that essentially performs the same task, providing hands free calling features while driving. Although there are many types of kit, they all fall into two categories, Visor Kits Universal Kits or fully integrated. 

Universal Visor Kits also known as Plug and Play kits are a combination speaker and a portable microphone wrapped in a work unit. They have a small but powerful storage battery that enable the long wait of life so that you can attach the kit to your umbrella and leave dormant until you need. Many are equipped with a car charger and usually a USB charger for connection to the computer for charging, updates Firmware and Bluetooth connectivity to work (or play).

Most recent Universal Bluetooth kits offer excellent sound reproduction due to a breakthrough in the DSP (digital sound processing) and Eco & Software reduction equipment. The microphone in universal Bluetooth kits are usually built in units, and make much less noise than older models. There are many different styles, designs, shapes and sizes of visor kits ranging from large rich functionality into the Bury CV9040 small and beautiful kits as Pama Alpha or the Parrot Minikit Slim. 

As you would expect with all kits universal features and functions vary greatly. State of the art kits usually come from Bury and Parrot and the rest tend to follow behind. Many universal kits now have features such as TTS (Text to speech) and voice to text technology that allows the text message dictation and voice commands most advanced kits can be controlled. Most acquired universal kits are to be used socially, or a group of people (family or friends) to share when you're away from home, or for individuals or couples who have more than one vehicle and want to change frequently.

Integrated Bluetooth car kits are fully programmed in the system of loudspeakers of the vehicle, almost all integrated kits come standard with ISO connections, if your vehicle is equipped with a Bluetooth kits ISO wiring harness is snug fit for him, which makes the installation very easy. If multiple connector adapters available that will convert your vehicle wiring to the ISO standard, these are known as son SOT and are available for virtually all vehicles. As the kit is programmed inside the vehicle, several problems are instantly eliminated. 

The kits retain the load through the power cord to whip ISO so you should never load the bluetooth kit, there is also an Auto-Mute ISO cable that will kill any audio radio, CD, iPod automatically , etc. More integrated kits are supplied with separate control units to meet, hang up or dial contacts. New Bluetooth kits like Parrot MKI range of Bury and CC9060 are provided the additional features that enhance the compatibility and ease of use. For example, the MKI range are compatible with iPods so you integrate music through the Parrot kit. IPods are fully controllable by the functions of the Parrot control unit such as navigation on the track, routing music, swelling, etc. can be performed with the touch of a button. Bury CC9060 comes with an excellent touch screen monitor and equipped with the latest voice recognition software. 

This allows you to use your phone through the unit to bury via voice commands. Integrated kits offer better overall performance. The playback quality is much higher then the universal kits. Integrated kits also have many extra features on the universal kits. In summary, if you want a kit car while singing and dancing bluetooth you should go in the integrated channel, but if you want something more simple and portable universal kit is one for you. The Bluetooth car kit is a device that provides a safe and convenient way to communicate while driving. The phone can connect to Bluetooth car and make sure you and other road users remain safe.

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