The Dragon Xan The Suns, Mavericks Or Trailblazers Stop Kobe Bryant and The Lakers?

We will evaluate 3 best teams with the best chance of upsetting the champions, which (from now) are the Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers and Dallas Mavericks. Unless a season-ending injury to Kobe Bryant or Pau Gasol are the only teams with key elements necessary to bring down a giant like the Los Angeles Lakers, the main elements that are a deep list full of athletic talent, a star able to produce beautiful photos and perhaps most important of all..a mission. Phoenix Suns: "Back to the Future."

It seems so long when Steve Nash was winning consecutive MVP and the Suns eliminated the Lakers two years consecutive postseason, but the power structure moved again in the NBA (with the Memphis charitable Grizzlies Pau Gasol to Los Angeles) one thing is back to normal, the Suns play again scoring basketball up-tempo and blowing opponents out of the water. The Lakers are a good defensive team, but when they play up-tempo teams like Phoenix they get too far from their defensive play and let things quickly turn into shooting, not that Los Angeles can not beat that kind of battle you want, but it is very game Phoenix.

Although Phoenix had much more talent than LA in the 05 'and 06' seasons, the list of teams "are not as not of equal strength. Do not misunderstand the Lakers probably the best team in the league, but the Phoenix team is not as poor or spent time players like Steve Nash and Grant Hill, and individuals who have career seasons, such as Jason Richardson, topped by a large man in his stars first * ahem * Amare Stoudemire. the bigs will be vital against the Lakers and their three courts 'star forward Gasol, Bynum and Odom, but the Sun covered below, as well as anyone in the league with Stoudemire, Frye and Lopez.

This, in combination with other factors X as a new coach, a shot of old lights (J-Rich) and a star in a one-year contract (Stoudemire), makes the Phoenix Suns LA team would probably prefer not not cope with this post-post.

Portland Trail Blazers: David beats Goliath during the regular season.

Unfortunately for LA, there can be no other team with more to prove that Portland and they are very capable of defeating the Lakers at home (8 games home against LA). The Trailblazers have the talent and athleticism lot in the front yard with a line that has the likes of LaMarcus Aldridge, Joel Pryzbilla and Greg Oden. The main factors in Portland X is the emergence of Greg Oden as a force down low, and the flourishing of Brandon Roy in a real NBA star, if someone can hit big time shots is Brandon Roy. The Blazers team wants more than any other team in the West to be considered "elite" and overthrow the Lakers would all but cement that status.

It also offers one of the best defensive coaches in the league Nate McMillan (defensive coordinator of the US team) who played a very important role in home previous domination of the Portland Trailblazer Lakers. Dallas Mavericks: A team in search of redemption.

Dallas coach Rick Carlisle was trying to win the NBA title that eluded him just when he was fired as Detroit's coach before the 2003-2004 season when the won the title, and this could be your chance to wash hands in redemption that the Larry O'Brien trophy. The Mavericks have the size and talent in the point with Dirk Nowitzki, Drew Gooden, Tim Thomas, and Erik Dampier 4:05. They also back-and-coming younger guys like J.J. Barea, big acquisition of free agent like Shawn Marion, a sixth year of perennial candidate man Jason Terry and Jason Kidd old timer hardened. There are many reasons to choose Laker to win the NBA title in 2010, and it could certainly be argued that no other team in the West is able to keep the Lakers in the final. However, the biggest obstical for the LA Lakers this season will probably post-complacency and a number of these giant killers on a mission of hope, it may as well be the recipe for the historic turning point ...

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