The Humana Challenge In La Quinta Golf Tournament

The Humana Challenge In La Quinta, CA Favorite Golf Tournament

The Humana Challenge is the new name for the Golf Classic Bob Hope popular. This event is organized in La Quinta, California. Although golf is often considered the favorite pastime of people of the upper middle class of the Humana Challenge is designed to benefit all. From 2012, the golf tournament will be targeted to encourage people to live a healthy life and to reap the benefits of physical fitness.

And La Quinta Golf

La Quinta, CA was a favorite destination for avid players. There are 25 courses World class golf courses in La Quinta and in fact, they are among the main city attracts. The Humana Challenge takes place in three different golf courses and offers great spectator for those who are fans of the game. This year's Humana Challenge is a partnership with the Clinton Foundation and the William J. PGA Tour to encourage people to live a healthy life.

Bob Hope Influence

The Bob Hope Classic has been one of the most popular golf tournaments in the nation. The family of the heart with the hope approved combining the newly appointed human challenge with fitness. According to the family, Bob Hope was a firm believer in staying active and being healthy.


Humana Challenge tournament action for amateurs and professionals, with the last round of 18 holes next to the professionals. Traditionally, there are four golf courses used for this tournament, although one of the golf courses, SilverRock will not be used in the tournament. At present, the courses involved in the tournament are the PGA West Palmer Private, PGA West Nicklaus Private and La Quinta Country Club.
There are also pro-am teams involved in the tournament, and those teams play in groups of four. The new Golf Challenge tournament human will debut in 2012. The city of La Quinta always works closely with the golf tournament, even if the golf course Silverrock city property will not be part of the tournament more. With three excellent golf courses available, however, the tournament is not suffering at all in terms game or popularity. Golf is to be one of the most popular year round with activities in the city.

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