The Installation Project in The Film "Kung Fu Panda"

The content of this film, one can see that a lot of elements and Chinese culture. Therefore, when this film is popular in the world, it is the culture of step important Chinese elements and the world.
The setting in "Kung Fu Panda" is rich in Chinese brush drawing style. All the mountains and water, and buildings are of typical Chinese style. The greatest hits "Jade Palace" and "Valley of Peace" are two typical scenarios of Chinese style. The Jade Palace project, with red walls and green tiles, recovers the traditional classical style. The installation project also Jiang Valley and Li Guilin landscape position into consideration, traditional and elegant.
The various tools in everyday life that have Chinese elements can be seen everywhere in this film. The noodle shop declined them, which are often seen in parts of northern China Wheelbarrows, the sedan chair is lifted by four people, the Chinese family of properties, such as chopsticks, blue porcelain dishes paned, bamboo hats, rollers, rolling pins, pastry boards, Chinese traditional cloth, firecrackers and fireworks, and acupuncture treatment that uses mantis to heal Po.
There are also Chinese dishes, for example, cookies, and bread Bao zi steamed and so on. These details give a vivid picture of Chinese culture. From this perspective, we can see that the directors have made great efforts in the research of Chinese culture, so that they can express Chinese culture and elements in this film and also make the audience have fun.

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