The Lakers and Mike Brown?

First Mike Brown is a great signing.

Who else out there has dealt a great talent, led a franchise losing a year to one of the best mentors the next, as was Gregg Popovich (San Antonio Spurs), and the acceptance of Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher?

Brown focuses on defense.

Defense wins championships hands down. Three specific events were relentless Dallas and Oklahoma. The constant dose of pick-and-roll the Lakers could never defend properly. This was also the frustration of conduct for Andrew Bynum, who constantly complained of defense and it was generally on an island in the three-point arc guarding a faster drive smaller and constantly pick.

The Lakers seemed very complacent and not powered for reasons that are still being planned.
Was overconfidence?

The Lakers are aging, but the current group has a solid five years left with some changes here and there. Brown and Bynum is close to taking the reins. Brian Shaw would have been a big fan favorite, but be honest, do the Lakers need a first year coach? Leaving Bryan Shaw broaden your horizons to train other employees and hone his coaching style is also a great opportunity for him. Moreover, once a Laker Laker ever! Not be surprised to see Shaw back with the Lakers after Browns running!

The Lakers are in a great position and I am positive Laker fans will be very surprised Brown achievements will achieve with this great team! Laker fans are all too aware that should Be3 a new infusion of energy, a new set of ideas and renewed attention. Hiring Brown will be one of the main signatures that will keep the franchise Lakers as the best NBA franchise.

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