Top 10 Kindle Covers and Cases

Congratulations, you are the new animated owner of a Kindle, and even when I'm my original Kindle, you can not wait to park with it and start reading! And yet you thought of the house of his new purchase acquired using a Kindle cover?

Critical Note: When the selection of Kindle accessories make sure they are for your Kindle model

1. Amazon Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

Available in 7 different colors pebble-grain genuine leather, micro suede interior and gray with an integrated light, LED retractable, these covers will change your Kindle to an attractive accessory, with the light that gives the reading whenever you need it.

Price: $ 59.99

2. Amazon Kindle Leather

Similar to its cousins, illuminated these cases can be found in 7 colors real leather grain pebble differently and how they will keep their good Kindle and protected in a package look very fashionable. Without integrated lighting, they weigh on a 6 oz lightweight (170g) and much cheaper $ 34.99.

Price: $ 34.99

3. M-Edge Prodigy Leather Kindle Cover

Basically, the cover of the fashion of choice for on-the-go users Kindle. It does not matter much if you're in a meeting, office, or to the development of the Prodigy Jacket provides refined and elegant security for your Kindle. With a suitable mounting method Kindle, and upper and lower links of its elastic Kindle is firmly held in place.

Price: $ 25

4. Pad and Quill Kindle Case

If your Kindle exterior plastic, have you pain for classic days of bound books then consider the Pad and Quill Case. Each cover is handmade with bonded leather and wood to resemble an original book.

Price: $ 49.99

5. Leather case DURAGADGET supported Kindle

The integration of protection with additional features in this case provides protection against knocks and bumps while you're on the road, plus a built in stand that allows you to put the Kindle on a desk, table or other flat surface once you get there!

Price: $ 23

6. Final Waterfield Kindle SleeveCase

This case is an excellent choice for travelers and TSA checkpoint insurance, so there is no need to remove the Kindle from its case for security checks.

Price: $ 49 - $ 55

7. BUILT Kindle Sleeve

The sleeve integrated Kindle offers a wonderful substitute for business leather look.
Price: $ 29.99
8. Super Bubble Neoprene rooCASE Kindle Cover
As a kangaroo securely holds her baby in her pocket, the coverage characteristics Kindle rooCASE protection solutions for your delicate Kindle. Developers rooCASE work with end users in mind, are some of their cases are not only sturdy and stylish, but also practical pockets for your other Kindle accessories.
Price: $ 14
9. Leather cover Oberon
If you are hunting for a Kindle case directly from a fantasy realm then Oberon project undoubtedly has something for you. All your covers are handcrafted from leather and tin and, with their original designs ensure that you will never mix your Kindle with others. Measuring individual styles go, these cases are his.
Price: $ 69
10. Timbuk2 Kindle Messenger Bag
Okay, that's not exactly a case Messenger Bag still deserves a mention. Created especially for the Kindle 2 (also holds the Kindle 3), it is available in three variants and has plenty of space for all your odds and ends, plus a waterproof coating with water.
Price: $ 69.99
We hope that you have now seen an exceptional case to protect your Kindle and can get some reading! Speaking of which, why not visit our guide where to find free ebooks for Kindle? Or if you are looking for new ways to accessorize your Kindle, see our article on the best Kindle accessories.
As always, we here at Kindle Accessories Hub, happy reading!

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