Top Places in Latvia

Top Places in Latvia Reviews

Latvia, or Lettonia as it is called is a country in Northern Europe, and is separated from Sweden by the Baltic Sea. Most of the region consists of plains, largely filled with forests and the highest point here is Gazinkalns, which is a height of 1020 feet above the level of the sea.

Abundant wildlife is in this region due to weather conditions and rugged terrain in places near the sea. As it is located near Russia, winters are pretty extreme, with constant snow falls throughout the season.

Aglona Basilica is a church that was built in 1699, still stands tall welcoming visitors into its walls. The rich and beautifully crafted architecture windows and doors are what makes this place so beautiful.

People come here to see the icon of the Virgin Mary is said to have saved Aglona from the plague that hit the country.

Each country has its share of history and Latvian Occupation Museum is well worth a visit. The type of objects and monuments exposed speak of the war that took place here, who left the place destroyed.

Moreover, the Soviet occupation and Nazi Latvia is also explained in detail here. Horns and Antlers Museum is a museum with a difference, here are the different types of horns and antlers on display.

Challenge, a small town in the coastal region of Livonia has its share of beaches and sights to see, when you're tired of all the horns and antlers on the show. If we were walking on the road, as we see wood hanging from street signs, showing how common they are in Latvia.

Not only is Riga the capital of Latvia, is also where most of the population of Latvia lives. It is a beautiful city in the Baltic region, full of life and buzzing activities throughout the year. It is the best place to put your bags and start exploring the country.

Jurmala is one of these resorts is popular with tourists. They come here to put your feet up, relax and relax, breaking away from your daily routine.

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