Transmitter "Kung Fu Panda" in Chinese Culture

"Kung Fu Panda", which is filled with Chinese culture and Chinese elements moves through the world and use their Chinese elements to become popular with the world. In another aspect, which plays the role of elements of the culture and the Chinese transmitter.

From the above analysis, many people have this kind of feeling, the Chinese elements expressed in this film are the common things that are often in our daily life, the spectacle of Chinese culture is known to all Chinese. "Kung Fu Panda" is successful, however, what lessons can we learn from this film?

To enjoy "Kung Fu Panda", think the most public will have the illusion that this animation is made by Chinese directors Chinese elements expressed in this film make the Chinese feel that is close to our daily life and we still can 't find a provincial imitation air clumsy in this film. From here we can see the aliens have prepared much in the production of this film. According to the understanding, the directors of "Kung Fu Panda" is crazy about the culture of China.

It takes about ten years for research on the culture of China. Meanwhile, this film five years to complete. Compared with foreign directors, the driving speed movie Chinese directors seem more "instant" that foreign directors. The block buster made in China need one or two years to complete. They all have the vision to promote the Chinese culture and make some traditional Chinese pieces which is known to all for them to drive.

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