Travel Tips Latvia

Latvia, a small country located in the Baltic Sea, is a place that is rich in ancient traditions and history and is a must for all travel enthusiasts. But having a knowledge of some travel advice while you visit to Latvia is absolutely essential.

The currency of Latvia is divided into 100 santims. To get your exchanged exchange offices can be found in all major cities and in hotels, shops and railway stations as well. It can also be exchanged at Riga airport. The official language of the population of Latvia is Latvian. Russian is also widely spoken in the country.

Some safety precautions before traveling to Latvia are a must. Although the country is free of terrorism, can not be certain crimes, such as pickpocketing, identity theft and personal scams. Hence, travelers are advised to be careful with your belongings, especially in tourist areas. If you plan to travel by road to ensure that the pilot registration documents transport of original vehicles to cross the border with Latvia. Winter tires for cars may be required for travel from December to March. If you want to book a taxi, opt for large companies such as the Baltic or taxi parks Rigas Taksometru. Car theft is very common in Riga. Regarding your health is concerned, there are no vaccines or medical certificates will be required to enter Latvia. If you happen to need emergency medical facilities, you can dial 03 for an ambulance or if you are refers to any medical facility, contact the insurance company or medical assistance immediately.

Time zone of Latvia is in the time zone of Eastern Europe. Country code for Latvia is +371 and the Internet services are available from shops and Internet cafes. Travelers can also buy goods and free tax free in selected stores. Travelers also require the holder of a valid passport to enter Latvia. British passport holders of citizens will not need visas for stays of up to three months.

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