Tutorial to Lift Suspension Kits 4x4

You see them all the time, light trucks, SUVs, Jeeps and more, coasting on the road, sitting on the taxation of forklifts suspension kits and sporting a set of tires so great that a person can live in them. There are several reasons why people can customize their vehicles with suspension lift kits, and a little know before you start. Equipping vehicles with lift kits suspension involves much more than buying the sexiest truck kit for research, then drop your turn in the local mechanic. Installation truck suspension lift kits requires hard work, a bit of technical knowledge and maintenance and attention to the components of your vehicle.
There are basically two main objectives for the installation of heavy lifting kits: style or function. Regarding the addition of suspension lift kits to make a style statement, looking good is the easy part. How to determine which kits suspension lift for the purchase were not complicated enough, the installation of truck lift kits can change other components of your vehicle, which sometimes causes unexpected problems that can affect the performance or be potentially dangerous for the vehicle itself. Meanwhile, here are some of the basic elements of suspension lift kits for you to keep in mind when planning your changes.

What is a lift kit suspension do?

The largest set of tire

The general consensus suggests that larger tires equals more traction, right? Factors to consider with forklifts Kits Suspension:

Installation: Many manufacturers offer manuals for lift kits heavy weight Installation on some vehicles; However, some installations are rather complex, requiring welding or cutting, in order to add the necessary components.

Additional changes: Update for truck lift kits with higher tires also means that a number of constituent parts may require updates or adjustments to compensate. By adding higher tires, gear ratios must be adjusted accordingly once the engine must be running the much larger tires, heavier.

Performance road: bigger, wider tires can sometimes cause instability in the road or a noisy, uncomfortable trip, especially at high speeds. In addition, more aggressive off-road tires tend to wear faster on the road, and the traction may not be as great as expected on wet roads. In this sense, wider tires can sometimes be a gamble, without guidance of an experienced veteran off-road.

    Weight: larger tires are heavier, which can put a lot of pressure on the suspension, especially if it is a suspension of stock.

Handling: Adding forklift suspension lift kits certainly the vehicle center of gravity, resulting in a less stable tower. This is a common problem when installing truck lift kits, but is mostly a matter of habit to the change in vehicle performance.

    Legality: Some kits suspension lift is such a serious change in your suspension system that can not be legal.

Some useful accessories: Before installing a lift kit is a good idea to first examine whether all components will be affected by the new height of your vehicle.

Transmission system and differential: shafts, gears, differential covers, lockers and more to ensure that their transmission system is at the height of his suspension.

        Shock: For greater heights, more shocks ensure smoother performance on and off road.
        Other parts: steering mechanism, sliding fork length of the drive shaft, the angle of u-joint and the brake lines are all worthy of consideration before installing lift kits suspension.

Installing lift kits suspension:

When it comes time to install a lift kit, there are two ways ways to go: install it yourself or have a professional do the job. On the downside, even with the increased availability of bolt kits, installation kits suspension lift is not an easy task, especially if you are a beginner.


A professional kit to install your licensed facility is generally the best way to ensure that suspension lift kits are correctly installed, as long as you are willing to pay labor costs.

    Lifting suspension height:

Small: A small elevator is composed of 1.5 inches or less, and give you a little softer and space to run slightly larger tires.

    Medium: A medium transport is approximately 2 "lift and is a good choice for those looking for the best set of tires, but does not plan to do any off-road use common medium raises spacer and add-a-leaf lifts.

    You will also need solid rear springs, and if you intend to use an add sheet kit, edit later for more lift can be difficult, as Add-a-sheets are designed to lift stock springs.

Great: The biggest lifts consist of 3 to 4 "or more aggressive look and better off-road lift the large common configuration consists of new front coils and add-a-leaf rear, plus a new mix. Road performance will also be affected, sometimes dramatically. Types of lift kits suspension:

Throughout the spring axis (PEHC):

Lift kits SPOA suspension are the most popular among serious rock robots looking for maximum articulation (up and down wheel travel). These lift kits for trucks keep the tires on the ground for maximum traction while properly raised all springs out of the way of evil, including springs.

Conversely shackles kits suspension lift (S / R):

Truck lift kits S / R are designed to provide a smooth ride on smooth terrain, such as forest paths, desert driving and scenic trails; However, driving on high speed roads is not recommended.

Coil suspension lift kits:

The choice of most of the mount towing vehicle with four wheels in the world, lifting suspension coils kits provide unmatched quality tower and cheapest sources, but the installation sometimes requires some welding.
Raised spring suspension lift kits:

The type most commonly used for heavy lifting kits of the world, spring systems raised are easier to install, and an excellent choice for the pushers for the first time in the off-road world. These truck lift kits allow you to run larger tires for additional clearance, while the production control on the road.

Shackles suspension lift kits:

As probably the most affordable way to add inches to your platform, shackle suspension lift kits are mainly for truck lover looking to add larger tires does not intend to do serious off-road . Moderation is recommended with these lift kits for trucks, that shackle systems are known to affect the direction and balance control.

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