Use Google Docs to Edit and Share Documents in The Cloud

Google Docs, another free service allows Google to work documents.

For example, it has a similar word processing with Microsoft Word, spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel, and even a similar presentation software Microsoft PowerPoint.

You must not create new documents from scratch. Instead, you can upload Word, Excel and PowerPoint in existing Google Docs, which converts them to its own format.

The editing software is web-based, so it is not as powerful as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. More importantly, this means that anyone edit these documents may do so using only a Web browser This has a number of advantages:

    It saves money because organizations are not buying software licenses.
    There are software compatibility problems, because everyone is editing the document using the same software.
    Everybody works in the same version of the document, which reduces the possibility of two people accidentally overwriting each other's work.
    For example, Google Docs provides a chat window at hand next to the document you are editing, so if two people work on a document at the same time, they can talk to them as they make changes.

When you create or upload a document, you can choose to make it private, public or shared:

    Private documents are for your own use (for example, you can put them on Google Docs so you can access them from your computer, phone and tablet)
    Shared documents are selected persons only (for example, if you have a small team to collaborate on a document)
    Public records are accessible by anyone

Google's philosophy has always been to give you the possibility to recover all your data, instead of having locked in the Google ecosystem forever. This applies to Google Docs as well: you can export your documents in other formats - such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. Google rolled Google Docs in your Google Drive service, which gives you a hard drive on the Internet - as well as Dropbox and similar services. However, all the additional features of Google Docs mentioned above are still available.

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