Using Google Docs to Create a Personal Finance Budget

Having a budget personal finance is essentialism there is no doubt about it. You need it. Many of us have a budget that use regularly. Some use programs like Quicken or MS Money; others use online programs like Mvelopes, Mint, or YNAB. The downside is that many of these programs offer a lot and take the simplicity of the budget, not to mention the fact that they often cost money.

Why use Google Docs is your best option

Google spreadsheets can give you the simplicity, customization and affordability you are looking for in your budget. Here is a list of reasons why Google Docs is your best option:

1. Personalization: Your budget can be as simple or complex as you like. Knowing a few simple formulas can help create a system that is as useful as any high-level program on the market. You can format the look you want the colors of elements, the size, structure and format. Because we all have different tastes, this is one of the best features that Google Docs offers.

2. Access anywhere: If you go on vacation and do not bring your laptop, you can not keep your budget. And it can be a big problem, because the revenue is lost, the load is forgotten, and subsequently budgets become inaccurate and unnecessary. Google Docs is hosted on Google servers; so you can access it from anywhere!

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