Vertical Jump A Brief Overview

Vertical jump is simply how high you can jump on both legs. Not to be confused with a jump running with one leg that is a skill used by long jumpers and requires transitioning from a full sprint for a short jump from one foot. The importance of a good vertical jump depends on your type of athletic endeavor. Obviously if you are a high jumper or long jump, it is completely unnecessary; However, if you play basketball, volleyball or football, an explosive vertical jump could give you great benefits.

Many basketball recruiters look vertical college athlete as a key measure of your athletic potential when deciding to recruit a young athlete.

College Basketball, NBA and even NFL teams will always measure a vertical athletes during the try-outs and while it is far more important indexes to evaluate, a good vertical jump is always desirable in the final analysis.

How to measure vertical jump?

A jump test can be performed to measure their ability to jump. To do this, you need a wall (marked would be preferable) a tape rule and powdered chalk.

A light jog or jump should be enough

2) Dip your hand in chalk

3) Face the wall and raise your hand (the one marked in chalk) until it reaches its highest point and touch the wall.
4) Now jump as high as you can (remember off both legs) and make a mark on the wall

5) Repeat several times break (between 3-5 is sufficient) ensuring jump as high as you can touch the item physically as high as possible for you

6) Measure the distance between your fingers up and the highest point you touched (your best jump)

7) Congratulations! Do you have a fairly accurate measure of its vertical

How can you improve your vertical jump?

It can be improved with training. His jumping ability depends on the strength and power.
The lower body strength is extremely important for the jump. You need strong legs as a base for jumping and this can be easily improved by spending time in the gym. The best exercises to develop strength which is the key to jump are squats and dead lifts. This is because both two exercises are compound exercises. Compound exercises are exercises that work the entire body.

Force alone is not enough for you to jump high. Plyometric exercises are usually skip and jump exercises that are carried out with great intensity in order to Improver power and speed.

There are many types of plyometric exercises. These include: tuck jumps, obstacle jumps, bounces zigzag, burpees, jumping jacks and even jump.

ast word

We went through various aspects of vertical leap, including how to measure and improve. So while we have only touched the exercises that improve vertical leap, you must realize that many more including sports psychology, nutrition, recovery, genetics and lifestyle are also essential in any manual training to improve their ability to jump.

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