Ways Premade Kits Disaster Survival Can Endanger Your Life

Ways Premade Kits Disaster Survival Can Endanger Your Life ~ Survival and disaster preparedness are becoming more important every day. But most people do not feel pressure.

Unprepared with poor sources

FEMA estimates that 42% of Americans are without a contingency plan. They also estimate that 37% live without emergency supplies. Now here's the kicker. FEMA in 2010 said 81 disaster in the United States.
So it's safe to say that almost 80 disaster, about half of people who have a survival kit or emergency plan. And to add insult to injury, even if we wanted to prepare a lot of preparation supplies are garbage. Especially the pre-made kits.

Cheap Survival kit = a danger to your life

These emergency survival kits cheap calm people believe they are prepared. Look, you do not live in a TV show. Damn, it's a disaster situation. You can find a category 4 hurricane, a dirty nuclear bomb attack, a tsunami or a power outage.
At a time like this, you really want a false sense of security? You can imagine when you need emergency supplies, they break down on you.
So what to do is share with you some reasons why very real and solid a pre-made kit is a dangerous idea. By presenting the idea to make your own kit. Let's begin.

Danger # 1: Not enough Essentials

Let's start with the food. caloric intake and storage of food in the kit is critical. The average person needs about 2,500 calories a day. Just a simple bar 3600 calories would be enough. But there are emergency disaster kits that have 800 calories per person per day. An adult can lose up to 80 ounces of water daily. So why some kits only include 8 ounces of water in your kit?
Start building your own kit with its own protein bars. Spend money on a LifeStraw so you can drink water from lakes, waterways and pools for days and weeks. After discovering these gaps, you realize that you spend twice the money to 1/10 of the value. Let's go to safe # 2.

Danger # 2: cheap content is

If you buy a pre-made kit, ask yourself these questions.
When the package arrives, there are elements in the broken box?
Some packages have emptied?
Is the quality just flat look cheap?
Some survival kits has a small radio that looks like a toy. Others may include a multi-tool. Cheap other survival kit included ponchos and blankets or fragile whistles.
The lack of quality control in these things is amazing. Let's face it. With a cheap content like this, you can not take these kits seriously. There is a reason why emergency kits at cheap house is not worth their salt. Some people have found their kit with food and water. But the blanket was supposed to be in the kit was not there. In other cases, quite different elements were in the kit.

The alternative: build your own kits

Build your own kit does not start with the gear. One way to start is to start with a small, specialized kit. For example, a medical kit can be a good starting point for you.
Then each week, choose another party and build a kit for it. Smaller kits can be specialized for a single purpose. And then you just take those little kits around your waste bag.
If you are looking for something to put the contents of your kit and check the GearPods. Pod Gear is a transparent tube with caps on it. Cloves gear are clear and transparent so you can see the contents. And they are relatively inexpensive.

Kit Contents: in your local store

Take a look at the contents that are usually these survival kits. Ultimately, when it comes down to it ... make your own survival kit is logical. You prevent the untrusted content, you can update your kit at home, and earn you the confidence that your kit.

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