What Happened To Lexus?

The last 20 years or so, one of product management for better jobs in the United States was to be a product manager who was responsible for one of the cars of the brand of the Toyota Lexus.

When Lexus ruled the world

Before we can talk about how things went wrong on the Lexus, we must first talk about how they have been very good. In 1990, Toyota, which has always been known for great cars at low prices, Lexus introduced its high-end line. The cars were well received and legendary reputation for quality flew dealers. At this stage, other luxury cars, BMW and Mercedes, were struggling with quality and so Lexus really stands out.

In just 10 years Lexus has become the top-selling brand of luxury cars in the US At the same time said to contribute 50% of American Toyota profits.

Why things went wrong

Product managers know that nothing stays the same. In the world of luxury cars this is especially true. Last year was brutal for Lexus product managers. This made the Lexus factory in Japan to stop this threat and Toyota's ability to sell enough cars to keep your ranking # 1 in car sales.

Just to make the product manager's life even more difficult, the Lexus models are showing their age. They were finally "refreshed" at the same time back in 2006-2007, when Lexus made a big boost to Japan, Europe and China. Now, compared to its competitors, the Lexus products are the old and outdated research.

Lexus product managers should do now

Lexus product manager has a challenge on his hands (if any of this sounds vaguely familiar to you?) They are faced with old products and is still dealing with the consequences of negative publicity. Before the new Lexus models come (perhaps as long as a year), Lexus product managers need to find new ways to communicate what they already have. Your best prospects will be Lexus owners that has not been updated with the current models. Product managers must find ways to motivate drivers to check the current models and they need to create incentives that get them to buy.

Once the new Lexus models arrive, Lexus product managers need to treat it as a new birth of the Lexus brand. Create a clear division between the problems and the new 2010-2011 Lexus 2012 models that are in the showrooms. Customers will quickly forget about the problems and can be persuaded again to see how Lexus product managers want it to be seen: as a high quality luxury brand.

What all this means for you

As product managers, we all hope that at some point in time our products will become the dominant market for products that we all hope they can be. Lexus product managers need to take two steps to stop his fall. They must convince existing customers to upgrade existing models, and they need to create a program that will allow Lexus to be "reborn" as the new models arrive.

The most important point for us all to learn from Lexus problem is that just because a product falls from his perch once powerful, not the final product.

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