What is the Best Smartphone? Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5?

What is the best smartphone? ~ The new smartphones arrive on the market all the time, which led consumers to make a comparison of smartphones of all major brands. Despite great efforts by companies like HTC, LG, Nokia and many others, the decision for most smartphone buyers comes down to one very simple: They should buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5? The software features: Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone? 

Virtually all new smartphones are characterized by their operating systems and internal resources before the hardware specifications even enter the picture. With the latest version of Samsung, the company has focused on hands-free using air controller gestures. A good comparison of smartphones should highlight the strengths and Apple. The company does not have a resource such as health, but Apple has always offered the Nike + integration with each of its new smartphones and iPods. Because the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with the translation, control, hands-free, health monitoring, and much more inventive user interface that the iPhone is a natural fit for buyers to experienced smartphones, customers Android younger and those who think out of the box with its high-tech tools. 

Hardware is no competition to choose the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 

Apple has really made a great effort with the launch of the iPhone 5, offering what was then the fastest processor in one of the new smartphones on the market. Samsung A5 processor packs its new smartphones with a 1.9GHz dual-core processor in the United States and the United Kingdom or a 1.6GHz octa-core processor to other markets. Apple is still working with the dual-core architecture. 

Both companies offer quantities of internal storage of 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB, which is quite normal for new smartphones. A comparison of clever smartphones, however, noted that Samsung has twice the internal RAM found in the iPhone 5. 

Is Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5 Samsung: How big is the best smartphone screen? 

For real screen, Samsung offers a 4.99 inch screen that is among the most important for flagship smartphone. Apple display measures just four inches diagonally, although this is an increase compared to previous models of the device. Someone compared smartphone reveals how useful screen 4.99 inches S4 really is. Larger screen size allows for the most intense games, more multitasking, and facilitate the use of the on-screen keyboard. Small Apple screen is good for those with small pockets and little hands, but does not sacrifice usability and overall utility in the process. 

In terms of what is the best smartphone for buyers, it is interesting to use the devices in person and decide what screen size works best. Increasingly, consumers are finding that to be the Galaxy S4: 

Smartphone comparison: Deciding between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 

There are three factors that consumers need to look objectively when choosing which is the best smartphone for your needs: 

- Size of the screen and utility
- Software Features
- Hardware Capacity

The Samsung Galaxy S4 wins this comparison of smartphones in the three indicators, objectively speaking, with a screen that is larger, the material that is much faster and more powerful, and software capabilities beyond the iPhone 5. When to choose which is the best smartphone for every need, be sure to make a comparison between individual smartphone Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5 Samsung, using each and evaluate encountered all three measures listed above. 

Take the survey and help solve one of the best high-tech fighting in recent years: Samsung finally have a device that Apple can not simply compete with?

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