What Topics to Study for The MCAT

As preparation for their premed student Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the volume of information you have to study. MCAT has 4 sections testing various topics of science for understanding reading as follows:

Section 1: chemical and physical foundations of biological systems

This section is considered the physical chemistry section, but does not stop there.

The material tested in this section requires concepts covered in a full year of general chemistry, at least one semester of biochemistry, a full year of physics and college information covered in your organic chemistry and general program of biology.

But the information you covered in college is not enough. Face it, you've probably forgotten most anyway.

Section 2: critical analysis and reasoning abilities aka CARS.

The second section does not test your knowledge of science. Instead, test your critical thinking skills. So instead of "study" for this section, you simply practice your verbal reasoning skills.

Section 3: biological and biochemical Living Systems Fundamentals

This section is the "living system" Scientific heavy on the MCAT. This section will test on information covered by at least a biology college is one year, one to two semesters value of biochemistry, and information covered in their courses of general and organic chemistry (two semesters each).

If a topic is mentioned in chemistry, biochemistry and again, make sure that the complete connection.

Section 4: Psychological, biological basis of social behavior.

The last section of the MCAT is new and not test it in traditional science. This section will test the material in generally covering an introduction to psychology and introductory sociology course.

You can self this information by examining the specific MCAT psychology and sociology, as well as the realization of practices and issues tickets.

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