Why Students Can Consider Google Docs

Most high school and university students have access to a computer probably already has a following of some sort on her desk. With free office suites like OpenOffice, it's hard not to have access to something to make documents and spreadsheets today. An application, another online, called Google Docs can be something that students should consider.
Google Docs is not as complete as presented office suites, but it does do the job. For roles and basic spreadsheets works that most students will need. It has the ability to open Microsoft and Open Office documents and save them in these formats.

The technical features are where Google Docs shines. There are some features missing in the text of treatment compared to some of based desktop applications that are used. Although this is a disadvantage, sharing resources is the huge advantage of using this online application, especially in a classroom or group.

Many students study group project or group. With sharing capabilities, you can let another student has access to the same documents as you work. students something can consider taking your class notes and dropping them into a shared folder with the other Google Docs.

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