10 Simple Tips To Make The Fastest Wide Band WiFi Your Fiber


Slow internet WiFi fiber can be incredibly frustrating, but it's worth knowing that is the speed of your broadband service is not only dependent on the package that you signed and supplier of your Internet Service Provider (ISP ), but there could be several other reasons why your Internet connection loads slowly.

Here are 10 tips on how to improve the speed and service:

1. Taking control other computer programs start

You should be able to identify and indicate what programs are already running on both your boot your PC. Without it, you might be surprised by the number of programs proposed and run automatically when you start your computer or connect fiber. Some of the two most frustrating guilty to fully soften their broadband WiFi fibers are Java and iTunes. Therefore, the free registry cleaning program can be used to analyze what happens automatically when you connect your fiber optic broadband WiFi or connect to your PC.

2. Regularly update antivirus software and a web browser

Any type of antivirus software has expired interruptions to update your library. This means that your computer is sensitive to any newly created spyware, Trojans, malware and other nasty viruses.

3. Select the frequency and the right channel

WiFi router channels. Other technologies such as microwave ovens and cordless phones can also interfere with WiFi. Hunt and Peck even feel like your Wi-Fi speed improve.

However, modern wireless routers also transmitted at different frequencies; such as 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. In simple terms, 2.4 GHz is much better for larger homes and several floors, as the signal travels farther and penetrates through walls / partition easily. Otherwise for small homes or rooms 5 GHz is the best way to go because it offers faster speeds, although on a smaller scale.

. Identify your WiFi broadband top speed

Before you worry about a problem with broadband service, it is recommended to check the maximum speed of the Internet assigned to your wireless broadband package. For example, if you signed up for a wide-band business major who may have speeds of up to 8Mbps, so it is unrealistic to anticipate fast i
nternet. The resolution of this request; Reset the router, disable the DNS cache settings and level of web browser. Here are the steps to ensure that effectively erase all faults and reset the connection, so broadband faster wireless.

. Set a unique password for your WiFi router

Set unique password is important because someone could access your allocated bandwidth and make your internet speed Wi-Fi to gradually decrease so. Worse, wireless network either unprotected or unsecured is vulnerable to hacker attacks that can access any conduct illegal activities or collect your personal information.

6. Buy a network extender.

This is cheaper than a new router; network expansion has the ability to increase its WiFi network signal broadband especially in hard to reach corners of your apartment / house. O
lder routers can even be used as a network extender.

7. Change your WiFi broadband provider

Another tip to make your faster fiber broadband WiFi is moving to a different WiFi network provider, they can improve their speed massively. It is good to use a broadband comparison tables identify which companies offer the fastest speeds in your area. Thanks to your feedback also help identify the best in wireless broadband service provider.

. Reposition the WiFi router an ideal position

Think of a high place and central. If your Wi-Fi router antennas, and require the signal to penetrate through a wall, and then position the antennas at right angles for them to go straight into the wall. Remember the signals that travel along the walls at a specific angle can significantly reduce the speed Wi-Fi.

In addition, it is important to fully adapt to your surroundings, knowing that the room size, ceiling height and some building materials could affect the wireless speed. O
ther devices that can slow their fiber broadband wireless are tubes and plants because there is water on both.

9. Neighboring wireless networks

This is the biggest source of Wi-Fi interference today for many people.The problem is that most of the equipment and the existing Wi-Fi devices operating in the 2.4 GHz band crowded and densely populated. This means that if you use a router 2.4 GHz in a densely populated area, then definitely the Wi-Fi networks of neighbors can significantly interfere with high-speed Wi-Fi, which makes the range of your wireless network wire and performance.

Therefore, a sustainable solution here is to buy a simultaneous operation of dual-band router cable in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. As the band 2.4 GHz router is mainly needed to support older WiFi devices. It is important to note that the latest Wi-Fi devices such as tablets like the Motorola Xoom and Apple iPad, games consoles, portable business computers and Internet-compatible TV with integrated WiFi are all dual band.

. Buy a new router.

The new routers have smart technology and better to send signals directly to WiFi devices this is an alternative to transmit random signals in the area of
​​a room. The new routers also offer multiple frequencies, faster speeds and smart home technologies that identify which of your tools gazillion connected to prioritize.

The good news is that many broadband companies are doing their part and several cable providers also now offer ultra-fast Internet speeds. It does require that your Wi-Fi router is configured properly. However, Wi-Fi is a technology capricious, and therefore no simple oversight can negatively affect the browsing speed. It is unfortunate that change the router settings is often not fun. However, many wireless routers comes with applications that easily take many puzzles of this process.

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