100 Percent Goji It Is Important?

The Goji berry has become the craze of the health of the new millennium. People concerned about health worldwide shortage of derivatives. The extraordinary growth of demand for Goji berries have led to the proliferation of the number of products on the market.

Since all commercial products, however, the quality is never the same for all the different types of products. There are many factors to consider to determine the true 100% Goji juice these false formulas that do not give anything concrete in terms of health benefits.

There are four aspects of 100% Goji juice that consumers should keep in mind:

(I) The source of the ingredients -

Goji plants are grown worldwide. However, Goji plants grown in the Himalayan region in north-western China are those of the most beneficial components. Thus, consumers should look for 100% Goji drinks which say they bring fruit from China or Tibet.

(Ii) the nature of culture -

Goji berries are very soft and can not handle mechanized harvesting. They get easily damaged and their contents oxidized. Search 100% Goji companies that say they hand-pick fruit.

(Iii) Organic farming -

Goji berries like all crops can be grown intensively using modern production methods. Pesticides and herbicides will certainly result in higher returns but also produce lower quality fruit.
(Iv) Presence of additional ingredients -

look for substances such as color agents or artificial sweeteners. A reputable company 100% Goji usually have full control over its agricultural production process until it reaches the supermarket shelves. 100% Goji juice does not require the addition of artificial substances and lack of exposure to harmful chemicals such as pesticides and agrochemicals.

In the following nutritional profile:

- Essential amino acids
- B vitamins
- Vitamin C
- More than 20 minerals, including minerals which would not normally be in the human diet.
- Natural Vitamin E
- Beta-carotene and carotenoids (more than carrots).
- Linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid)

100% Goji is often a tasteful product that requires no additional sweetening effect, unlike poor imitations. It is also used to improve the overall health and longevity. The ancient Asian healers used Goji along with other herbs to keep their tribes healthy.

iluted and adulterated products do not have the same anti-oxidant properties as 100% Goji when properly harvested a stabilized.

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