3 Restaurants: Great Dim Sum In Shanghai

If you were in one of the many tours in China, then chances are you have already experienced the greatest culinary pleasure is dim sum. Cantonese style dish consists of small or plugged portions of a mixture of food and traditional flavors, they are great way to enjoy a Chinese light meal.

Crystal Jade

With a reputation as one of the most famous restaurants in Shanghai, Crystal Jade is well known for its hospitality and fantastic range. The restaurant is often praised for its food and has some of the best dim sum on offer in the city; crispy pork belly, shrimp dumplings Xiaolongbao and all are tempting treats. Crystal Jade suffers in one area, however, prices may seem a little steep compared to other similar restaurants, but the quality of food on offer here is worth the extra expense.

The Royal China

A sister restaurant to the popular eponymous restaurant chain in London, Royal China is well known for its approach over-the-top dim sum. The Royal China is often full of activity, with customers flocking here for the ribs cooked with honey, lobster noodles, crispy duck wraps and pies eggs.
JB Home

A restaurant that is somehow escaped low sum lovers of tourists and expatriates, the JB house is an ideal place to enjoy a night with the locals. The restaurant is located in a mansion and makes a great place for lunch with its peaceful atmosphere. The menu includes a reasonable range of dim sum dishes, including: small roast pork buns, shrimp dumplings, pies and mangoes, and the restaurant is well known for their meals at half price from 11: 00- 14: 00, Monday to Friday; it's a good place to eat if you are on a tight budget.

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