4 Tips For The Perfect Print Calendar

Calendars can be a very effective way of marketing. While they may be a little more expensive than other printed products, the rewards you reap after calendar printing are well worth the cost. Just think how often people use calendars. If a calendar is hung on a wall or placed on a table, it becomes the exhibition every day. Here are some tips for the perfect calendar printing you need to keep in mind.

Unlike other advertising media, calendars must follow a standard format in order to be accepted and used by its customers. You want to choose the calendar layout that meets your needs and has the best appearance. Do not forget to follow the style guide that calendar printing company provides to make sure you have allowed adequate margins and bleeding throughout your project.

In addition to a schedule that is functional, you also want to have a calendar that is beautiful. Make sure all your images are at least 300dpi to give your calendar a fresh look. At the same time, special attention to the color scheme you use, and make sure it is flattering to the sources and the technical elements of the calendar, and the images themselves.

If you go through the entire calendar printing job, then you want to ensure that the synchronization is performed and displayed. Since calendars are usually good for a full year, this means choosing a paper stock that is durable enough to be displayed. Many companies opt for a 10 pt stock for the cover and 100 lbs. text to inside pages.
You should always ask your calendar printer for proof before printing the final calendar. Once the calendar is printed, this small error is here to stay. In addition, you do not want your calendar to be less effective as a marketing tool because it looks unprofessional because of minor misspellings or an image that is not centered properly. Many calendar printing companies offer tests online or printed. If you are in a hurry, the online option allows you to view the fastest race, but a printed proof makes it easier to review and make necessary changes.

You want your calendar to be seen and used.

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