5 Big Mistakes SAT Math Careless

Careless SAT Math Mistake # 1: Answering the wrong question

SAT Math section is notorious for request "strange" - instead of the value of "X", you may ask the value of "3X". A word problem can be written in terms of "time," but the question is answered in "minutes". This type of error occurs all the math section, which should be very careful to answer the question asked. It is useful to point or part of the question box that contains the specific value that asked you to find, as a reminder for yourself to answer the right question.

Careless SAT Math Mistake # 2: Confusion Prime Number

Many SAT prep students are surprised to learn that the number 1 is not really a prime number. Lots of SAT math questions depend on knowledge of prime numbers, so do not make this careless mistake - remember that "2 is the smallest prime number!"

Careless SAT Math Mistake # 3: Not realizing a special triangle

SAT love triangles. It is also very sneaky about hiding triangles special rights to display. If working on a geometry problem and you see all the angles measure 30, 45, 60 or 90 degrees, start looking for a special right triangle immediately.

Remember math class that the two triangles special rectangles are 45-45-90 and 30-60-90. When you come across one of these triangles, you can easily find the lengths of the sides of the triangle using basic formulas.
Careless SAT Math Mistake # 4: The loss of a negative sign

This mistake all the time reckless on my SAT tutoring preparation courses, and it breaks my heart! Lo discover an incredibly difficult word problem, configure, do the math, get a response .. Slow down and do to be at all times positive and negative extra-cautious numbers are involved.

Careless SAT Math Mistake # 5: Do not check your work

This inattention attach the other four together. If you have free time after all the problems that you know how to do in a section, start checking your work from scratch, starting with the most difficult problem or the most complicated and work backwards compared the easiest problems. Most SAT preparation Students should not attempt to answer all questions in math sections, and should instead focus on issues that responded only they know how. This leaves a little extra time at the end of the section to check your work and look for other careless mistakes.

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