A Complete Guide To Set Passwords On Cisco Routers!

Many computer experts have the knowledge needed to extract sensitive information, such as professional legal obligation. Speaking in terms of CISCO router does not have a password which means a serious threat to your privacy. No password, extract personal information becomes as easy as it is when you surf the Internet occasionally and nothing to lose your entire data and network infrastructure. In two minutes, you can set passwords for their Cisco routers, providing a router infrastructure and more secure network. With a Cisco router, you wither need an Ethernet cable or console cable.

ogin process

You must first connect the CISCO router with a console or an Ethernet cable. If the console cable, connect it to the port on the computer console. You then connect it to the CISCO router console port that reads "Console" (2600 wiring and installation of the Cisco series), in writing, blue.

Then it must be connected to the Ethernet port labeled "Ethernet 0/0" (2600 wiring and installing Cisco series) on the CISCO router.

Configuring port settings

The transition to the second stage, you must use the console port to access the CISCO router using the Hyper Terminal program. This program comes pre-installed with the Windows operating system. From the Start menu, select "All Programs"> "Accessories"> "Communications" and click the link to Hyper Terminal.

The parameters of the following ports must be used at the request of Hyper Terminal:

· Bits per second: 9600

· Data Bits: 8

· Parity: None

· Stop bits: 1

· Flow control: None

Alternatively, you can open a command prompt window by selecting "Run" in the Start menu. At the command prompt, type the command "telnet" followed by the IP address of the router.
The use of the control

- Before changing, enter router privileged mode and use the following command. You must also ensure that the "Router>" is the default router prompt a Cisco router.

Router> enable

- Once you enter the enable command prompt will change your Cisco router:

outer #

- To access the CISCO router configuration mode, the following command must be used:

Router # configuration

- Once you get successful in the configuration mode, you receive the following message:

"Enter configuration commands, one per line.

- After entering the Cisco router configuration mode, the following message will be displayed:

Router (config) #

Password Setting

- Now you must set the activation password using the "enable password". For example, for the password "Changeme2", the command is:

Router (config) password #enable Changeme2

It is essential that you use a strong password basis for defining the activation password. The activation password is a password protecting the virtual terminal access to the router via a network interface. This password is visible on the router configuration and is not stored encrypted on the CISCO router.

You must set the password secret activate the command "enable secret".

For example, for "Newpswd4" as the password, the command is:

Router (config) #enable secret Newpswd4

To make password settings, it is recommended to use a different password for "enable secret" and "enable password". The secret password is more secure, encrypted the activation password. We also can not see the secret password in the CISCO router configuration.

It was a small aspect of a technical procedure in the Cisco field. For complete technologies, you must apply comprehensive certifications.

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