A Diving Holiday Dive Plan You Will Not Forget To Grand Cayman

If you plan to go on legendary dive sites on your next vacation, you should definitely choose Grand Cayman, one of the Cayman Islands. The island has to offer over 200 spectacular dive sites for you to enjoy. Grand Cayman gets all the publicity and is the most visited island in the Cayman Islands and the others are Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Regarding the diving conditions in Grand Cayman, you will find very attractive. The waters have the best temperature and visibility varies from 100 feet. If you choose to Grand Cayman for diving, you will be able to practice any type of diving you prefer, like the beach, boat or wreck diving. The best time to visit Grand Cayman for a dive trip is between October and May. You should also avoid certain periods of spring and autumn as plankton significantly reduce visibility. As mentioned above, the water has the right temperature so that you will be fine if you go diving in Grand Cayman waters with a suit of 1.5 mm. To be allowed to enter the island, you will need a passport and visa.

If you want to see something really special that you will certainly not be disappointed by your dive trip to Grand Cayman as this amazing island has a beautiful underwater world, full of color and diversity. If you go from north to south of Grand Cayman, you can also visit the fabulous Stingray City. By immersing in water Grand Cayman, you can meet beautiful colored fish and small invertebrates. The best part is that you are allowed to dive in Grand Cayman up to 130 feet deep so you will start to see the most exciting things of this underwater world. You will definitely look forward to the famous walls and coral reefs that Grand Cayman and the other two Cayman Islands can offer. Grand Cayman has many extraordinary dive sites you will not know where to go first. Choose a dive sites such as the two systems walls surrounding the island is a real treat for anyone who is passionate about diving. Grand Cayman is a popular island for diving, because you have the opportunity to spend the holidays of your life practicing this sport in its waters.

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