Ace Hardware Corp. Franchise Review

Ace Hardware Corp. franchisee is a great proposition for anyone who wants to lead the independent company. The tools and products sold by Ace Hardware are in the range of hand tools, power tools, garden equipment, plumbing and electricity. The offer for the franchisee is unique, with the open support of the company for eligible financial package to US $ 255,000. The company has a well-established franchise that has been in place since 1976. The opportunity is quite liberal to possess the same multipoint Ace hardware stores. 

The power behind Ace Hardware Franchise 

The Company held assessments ranks of franchisees conducted by various professional market research organizations. The most credible was "first in Customer Satisfaction among Home Improvement Stores two years running" score for Ace by JD Power and Associates in 2008. The franchisee can feel the high range of 10,000 Ace brands sell well. This should be a reliable franchisees to offer products for all customer needs. 

Investment franchisee 

The franchise fee is a reasonable amount of $ 5,000 as membership fees, over $ 5000 purchase required actions. The total investment varies with the size of the warehouse wants to go and can work anywhere $ 239,000 to US $ 1,567,000. However, the company runs a good financial support to qualified individuals. The funding comes through the organization, Wells Fargo. Keep your confidence; over 22% of franchisees own multiple hardware units Ace franchisee. 

Regarding the total investment, it is difficult to provide firm guidelines because the price of land or property vary widely from place to place. Ace specific incentives are available from the company to franchisees.

Training and support franchisee 

DIY industry depends heavily on knowledge of franchisees to understand customer needs and guide them to good shopping. Ace fully believe in this policy and thus maintain regular training sessions and detailing local franchisees. It is obvious that franchisees receive initial training program at Ace Hardware business center for two weeks. 

Other promotional materials and business support 

The franchisees are guided largely on security and safety procedures and more on the ground and operations of the evaluation process to ensure customer satisfaction. Regular care may be made from free telephone, meetings and assistance on the Internet. 

Franchisees maximize ad in national and regional media, co-op advertising and promotional support other marketing tools.

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