ACT By Sage 2010, A First Evaluation

The latest incarnation of the popular ACT Sage! Software sales and marketing was launched in September 2009.


The installation and registration has now been simplified, and now you can select a "typical" or "Custom" install. The same page has a lot of potentially useful shortcuts to help articles, websites, PDF manual, or different parts of the program established.

2010 Customization, Support and Services, and ACT! We also have new buttons "Big Easy" (glad to see that the Wise marketing department have had a dream job that is placed) to the functions and a completely redesigned navigation bar, the "NavBar" on the left side.


New NavBar

The redesigned "NavBar" on the left side of the screen now contains not only the shortcut icons for contacts, groups, companies, etc., as before, but also a section of "Related tasks", which shows links to things you might do next. These suggestions change according to the screen you see.

The navigation bar can also be minimized to save space on the screen, if you use ACT! In a low-resolution monitor, as an ultraportable or netbook. It on a netbook with a resolution of 1024 x 600 and is perfectly usable if a little tight.

In real life, most users just want to go directly to your data, instead of examining the delicacies of the welcome and luckily you can define whether you want the first screen to be the home screen, contacts, contacts list view or dashboard.

When you reach the regular Contact Detail view other changes become apparent. This process can be a source of irritation if you used the function or does not matter if you were one of the most suspect not knew never existed in the first place.

Web information

The Info tab displays the web web pages that are connected to the contact (or company) to record what you are. By default, they are the contact site, Facebook, Google route, Google Maps, Google News Search, Search Google, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and time, but perhaps surprisingly, not twitter.

The "information" links to Google Maps and work extremely well, others, like LinkedIn show a list of people with the same name as your contact from which to choose, regardless of their geographical location. Although you can choose the right "John Smith", on this occasion, this particular connection is lost the next time you select the same contact record in ACT!

While this is an interesting step into the world of relevant information online, its value will depend on the type of information your business needs and what is available out there.

The other limitation is that you can not request information from the Web or do research on that basis, or you can collect the data collected, however, is a good first attempt to link dynamic information on the Internet for companies or contacts in your specific database.

Marketing results

The other new tab is "marketing results." E-marketing functionality is now integrated into the software. ACT! E-marketing is something of a joint venture between Sage and Swiftpage a US mail office which provided an add-on email marketing business function to ACT!

This feature is now pre-installed. If you want to use them, you must follow a wizard that quickly allows you to create an account with Swiftpage. The integration you need. ACT! E-marketing offers professional personalized designing HTML emails with the usual opt-out in front of a friend, a link to your website options.

Then select the ACT! Contacts you want to receive your marketing message, select when you want to go ... and that's it. Everything happens automatically, without your e-mail server downtime, as all emails go Swiftpage servers, not yours.

Better yet, this information is linked back to the ACT! ACT! Email marketing is an extremely powerful marketing tool in the right hands, and highly recommend getting a certified consultant Swiftpage on board to help put in place, at least in the first instance. 2010 is the ability to generate iCal and vCard attachments to hang around with e-mails.

Using iCal accessories allows ACT! Users to share calendar items (activities) with non-ACT! users, who can then enter information in Microsoft Outlook and other compatible software, such as Gmail (TM), Apple®iCal®, Windows Live (TM), Facebook (TM) GroupWise and Lotus Notes.

Customizable options

The sales opportunities in the area of ​​ACT! This allows you to generate a multitude of sales pipeline information to monitor and control your business. Opportunities section ACT!

Sell ​​training courses instead of Widgits, just change the name of the header column in the "Product Name" to "Course Name". The full-screen layout for the Opportunities section is now customizable, the contact or the Enterprise screen, so there is tremendous potential to adapt the look the way you want.

Reports were designed by witchcraft, and in this version the reports themselves are not changed. Here you can see all available reports and you can check what are your favorites and they are then added to your list of favorite reports for easy access.

You can also change the description of each report to better explain what it does, if desired. World reports to produce charts and tables, giving you instant feedback of their sales opportunities or glitzy activities.

There is a new "Letter from the components panel data" (great name, guys) in ACT! 2010, which provides access to a kind of mishmash of various information, including contacts by country and Department recently created and edited contacts.

There is also a touch Count story by story type, which he said fine, but it is not the equivalent of filterable Activities panels, it is very necessary to extract useful information about ACT! History. Again, you can edit the XML files to change these panels, but only geeks and wizards need to apply.

For large organizations ACT!

Administrative Commission will be a bonus for the administrator to view the user information such as the status log and database synchronization status.

Administrator greatly appreciate

This sales and marketing to popular tools box now has new tools, including business information at an early stage / links / social networks and access to incredibly powerful ACT! E-mail marketing tool. The only downside is the increased learning curve that users will have to overcome if they do not lose a lot of sales and marketing services that act!

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