ACT Features In Outlook 2006

ACT! Business contact management software. ACT! It was originally started there more than 18 years as a basis for contact and customer management program. Over the years, it has evolved to include more sales management functions. Current law of developers! The latest evolution of the ACT! Software uses a SQL database to store information. Users of older versions of ACT! The software is used to be able to export your data in multiple formats. Data in the form of values ​​separated by commas or even Excel. 2006, you can export your data as a delimited text, and only the basic act! Training. If you created custom fields in ACT! Many users of ACT! Software also use Microsoft Outlook for email and appointments. This means that many people keep the customer information, both ACT! And Outlook. If you send emails or revision in Outlook must switch to another program, ACT! 2006 to see their sales data. ACT! 2006 a synchronization module that allows you to synchronize Outlook data with ACT! Data, but you still have the information in two places. The latest version of ACT! The software does not fill the gap between the work of Outlook and have good contact and sales management. Prophet 4.0 solves this problem. It gives you advanced Contact Management as ACT! 2006 in your Outlook. Prophet 4.0 provides sales management and reporting as ACT! 2006 Outlook. You no longer have to leave Outlook to check your sales opportunities. With Prophet 4.0, you can create an opportunity for an Outlook contact or email sales. All e-mail, appointment or task created Prophet goes through your Outlook 4.0 and is recorded there. You can check e-mails, appointments and tasks from any Prophet 4.0 or Outlook, is the same information. Programs.

Although the latest version of ACT! Software, ACT! 2006 efforts to improve the use of the latest technologies that falls a little short. Current users of ACT! It will be a little disappointed that they can not export information as easily as they did. Integration with Outlook, many companies use for mail and calendar, has not much improved. Prophet 4.0 provides an easy way to solve these problems, giving you advanced contact management and sales management directly in your Outlook interface. Prophet 4.0 is really Software Sales for Outlook.

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