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Every business needs to continue to grow. Many companies are looking for ways to help automate this process and ensure that there are no links or data is lost. One way because it is through software programs. These programs include ACT and Prophet software. After analyzing ACT and Prophet, you will quickly see that the Prophet is the program you need!

Data can quickly add in any business. Both ACT and Prophet are designed to collect customer data, including names, address and telephone number and contact monitoring, data sharing and reporting. Programs similar to ACT and Prophet are designed to help your business to be efficient and effective. The difference between ACT and Prophet software lies in how these programs help you do this.

Prophet integrates with Outlook as a plug-in. It is open and running whenever a user opens Outlook. Data entry, data visualization, reporting and sharing is done via Outlook. ACT is an independent program. ACT must be installed and run as a separate program. ACT is further action needed to carry out basic tasks.

Why the integration of prophets through Outlook is better than the ACT platform independent? Ease of use is the number one reason that Prophet outperforms ACT. Time is very precious to most people and take the time to open and use a separate program like ACT can lose this precious time. Prophet Outlook plug-in means that users should not open a completely separate program. They have Outlook open during the work day and not have to remember a separate program like ACT. Make an easy software program means to the user that will be used more consistently.

When working with your customer data, you will often want to send the customer an e-mail or e-mail the data to another employee. contacts, calendars, appointments and task management in everything ACT is done with a separate program. With Prophet, you are already in Outlook so the data must be synchronized. Unlike ACT, the data is entered directly into Outlook when you use Prophet. This means that the user does not have to remember to open a separate program. Outlook is a very common program that most users have open and running most of the time your computer is on. A program is not a business if it is not used always. The fact that the Prophet via Outlook ensures that it will be used consistently.

ACT limit its sharing capabilities severely. To share your data, the user you are sharing with must have ACT software. Prophet allows you to make easy sharing via sharing peer-to-peer. Prophet provides a complete set, Enterprise Edition, which enables central data sharing.

With a software program, it is necessary to form. However, training is costly in time and money. Compare ACT Prophet and you will see that the overall costs of the Prophet make it much more affordable then ACT. ACT is a program that should be learned from scratch. ACT is a program commonly used for most users need additional training to fully learn the ACT features. This extra training for ACT can come in the form of additional classes, ACT software training and ACT training books. A
dditional training time takes productivity, making new ACT increased costs. This reduces the amount of time and money on training materials and training, keeping the total cost of the Prophet download programs, so as, like the ACT.

Several opinions of large companies software examined both ACT and Prophet. Prophet, in turn, received a valuable score four stars PC World. Companies using Prophet rave about it. He received the best CRM Outlook program based on the market. The comments show clearly that the ACT software can not hold a candle to the benefits of the Prophet.

ACT is nothing when you compare it to the Prophet. The ACT does not come close to matching the benefits that the Prophet offer. Read reviews, check out the options and give you will soon see that you can jump ACT and Prophet used to fill all your needs.

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