All About Citibank Credit Cards

Credit cards are a boon for the financial sector and for the common man. Since the purchase of general supplies from one store to book a ticket on the Internet or shopping online, credit cards make it possible.

This plastic money has made our lives easier and more convenient. Well, in a situation that emergency credit cards are more convenient way.

Citibank is one of the leading banks of the world, which issues credit cards. Although the basics of credit card are the same, its additional features differ from bank to bank and also from card to card.

Citicards are specially designed to meet the credit diversity and target different customer needs. There are cards which are designed keeping in mind the requirement of professionals, students and other potential customers. The credit limit also differs agreeing on the need for different levels of income.

A common feature of citicards is that they all have interesting rewards and benefits and additional benefits programs. You can exchange the points accumulated on other purchases. These reward programs are again designed to meet people from different walks of life.

A regular traveler can use these points to book airline tickets and book hotel stays. Others may use the purchase, pharmacies, gas stations and overhead gas restaurants, etc. Citibank has tie-ups with major retails outlets, hotels and airlines, etc. anywhere in the world where you can exchange your collected points.

Another advantage of citicards is you get additional benefits and advantages that accidents travel insurance, legal referral services, medical referral services, free access to credit education etc.

Most citicards has no annual fee and 0% introductory rate on balance transfers for a fixed period is six months or a year. $ 500 is the minimum standard credit limit. The late payment fees depend on the balance. The expiry date is in most cases three years from the date the card is issued.

Some citicards the most popular are Bronze® Citi® / AAdvantage® MasterCard®, Citi® mtvU (TM) Platinum Select ® Visa ® Card for students, Citi® Select® students for Platinum Card, Citi® Edge® Platinum Select ® pilot map etc.

Bronze® Citi® / AAdvantage® MasterCard® is most suitable for frequent air travelers. The purchase of this card, you will earn a bonus of 5,000 miles and one mile for every two dollars spent on your CitiCard. The one feature that can work against your interest, is its minimum APR on cash advances.

For people wishing to buy or lease a new or used car, Edge® Platinum Select ® Citi® driver card is the right choice. With this card, you can earn a discount of $ 0.01 per mile driven. College students can apply Citi® Platinum Select ® Card for students or Citi® mtvU (TM) Platinum Select ® Visa ® for students.

The first is suitable for students who have credit history established. Besides the above mentioned cards, Citibank also publishes other types of credit cards, such as AT & T Universal Rewards Card, PremierPassSM Citi® Card - Elite Level etc.

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