An Amazing Extension Synopsis Citibank In Late 1990 and Early 2000

The price of Citigroup shares rose nearly three thousand percent from 1990 to 2000, compared with growth of approximately 450% global market.

The company identified efficiency offered by digitization and automation of internal processes and customer. Moreover, globalization is an opportunity unprecedented for growth, given the perfectly competitive retail market, and oligopolistic competition certainly (domestic) and monopolistic (globally) Citibank's position as one of the few centers of global finance banks serving Fortune 500 companies.

The common quest to achieve the benefits of globalization promoted the need joint between Citibank and its blue-chip corporate clients to evolve the organization and processes to better position the company to take advantage of international opportunities. While Citibank has made technological yields and operating costs submitted by e-initiatives - customer migration away from legacy systems, new capabilities not inherently foster inimitable resources (capital) to the company.

To be sure, the company's e-initiatives have developed new features to complement the core business similar to a number of technology initiatives in other industry sectors. As such, innovation (income) and market share (profit) gains were probably based on the quality of the efforts of the banking relationship and collaboration service in the form of high-level management committees, relationship managers cohesion and product managers, customer service centers, and other byproducts of the newly decentralized organization. We attribute the limited creation of shareholder value to the inability of the administration to fully exploit synergies praised the "financial services supermarket", proposed under the leadership of Sanford Weil. Management introduced the range of opportunities to cross-sell products to customers of businesses and customers, and the resulting creation of shareholder value accordingly.

However, over the past five years, given the systematic deconstruction of the global giant in the spin-off of Travelers Casualty, joint venture and potential future sale of the wealth management unit Smith Barney, and the division has recently proposed banking Franchise and Franchise investment (Citicorp) and the new consumer finance construction (Citi Holdings). This vehicle will keep the pool of subprime loans, which has forced Citigroup to the precarious capital position currently face.

We argue that management has set a disinvestment of the vehicle in the Citi Holdings business structure. The remaining 50 percent of Smith Barney and Primerica blocked deductible auction are performed within this entity.

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