An Art Calendar Adds A Touch Of Class In One Convenient Package

Like art and artists, but you want something to look at this is not as formal as a painting or something to complete the collection already in place?

Try an art calendar. They come in a wonderful range of colors, styles and artists; one that suits your home, office or briefcase. Traditionally, they have 13 large paintings, but 365 others have little time "planners" can have 50 photos of colorful art.

There are more than 500 "art" calendars to choose from. This includes, in addition nominated artists as Monet, David Hooper, or Jacobs, categories like Impressionism, Japanese Woodblock, Folk Fairy and fantasy. It also includes topics such as babies and children, ballet, dancing, and celestial maps. Of course, there are calendars that mix themes or artists.

Calendars have evolved a variety of formats. In addition to the "wall calendar" traditional, there are 6 "x 12" mini wall calendars "and" calendar "shows". "Desktop" or "box" calendars are 6 "square and has a different painting or photo for each day of the year. For tables there are also" "schedules that are 6" table trestles x 9, 5 "and are made to sit on your desk.

A very popular calendar format is the personal planner or commitment. They usually have a new painting every week and feature the art of your favorite artist. They come in hard or soft covers and are made to go into a briefcase or purse. There are also pockets (size) planners who art on the cover and small photographs on each page.

You can find the best variety and selection on the Internet. Enter the right keywords in a search engine and you'll get a selection. Instead of searching for words such as "calendar art" using words like "classic art calendar 2010", "2010 Monet painting wall calendar", "Thomas Kinkade Office 2009 calendar" or "calendar 2010 poster expressionism ". Some sites give a couple of choices and you have to click to see what is available. "Monet" or "new," for example, has two dozen or more calendars each; Maud Lewis can show a minimum and a wall calendar. Each type of artist or art will be another variety of sizes and shapes.

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