Apple iPhone 3G S

The Apple iPhone 3G S is the new Apple iPhone updated, and is sure to run very well. There is a massive 3.5-inch touch screen, which features a special oleophobic coating called, which means it is almost completely resistant stains. The iPhone 3G measures 115.5 mm tall, 62.1 mm wide, 12.3 mm and weighs 150 grams, which is very similar to the original iPhone. There are only 4 buttons "real" iPhone 3G S, and these are silent, to catch the retun to the home page and to adjust the volume. Currently, you can get the iPhone Appl S is white or black.

Like the iPhone S was designed by the same company, Apple, which makes the iPod, the music player is excellent. It really has an integrated iPod that connects directly to the iTunes Store. Expect excellent sound quality and a great pair of headphones. The camera on the iPhone 3GS has 3 mega pixels with autofocus. There's also a feature called "Tap to Focus", which allows you to play a selected point, you want the camera to focus. Apple also included a "copy, paste, cut," application similar to what you would normally find on a computer. Internet connectivity is excellent with 3G (hence the name) and Wi-Fi and a large 3.5 inch screen makes for great web page and e-mails easier.

In short, the iPhone S is sure to be as popular as the first generation iPhone was, if not more.

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