As The Different Chinese Food Oriental Indian Cuisine?

American Chinese food is different from the native oriental cuisine in many ways. In the first case, vegetables are used to decorate food, while in Chinese kitchens, vegetables are the main ingredients. The use of Asian vegetables and leaves lots of fresh meat and seafood is very common in Chinese natives, on the other. American Chinese dishes are easy to prepare and take less time to cook. In general, low ingredients and the most common cooking methods such as stir-fries, to the pan and fry are used. American Chinese food containing high amounts of MSG, which is used to add flavor to food. But many restaurants serve "MSG free 'or NO MSG options" because some customers may be sensitive glutamate. However, scientific research done carefully not show such negative effects of glutamate.

Mainly American Chinese restaurants have menus written in English or have pictures that they respect the non-Chinese consumers. Some restaurants have menus in Chinese also separated with treats like liver, chicken feet, or other outstanding meat dishes that can deter Western customers. Chinatown in New York restaurants are known for saying no to provide non-Chinese Americans in the "secret" menu that shows the true Chinese cuisine. Thus, the American Chinese cuisine is very different from the native oriental food in terms of taste, ingredients and the cooking method.

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