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Beating the odds stacked against them, computer degrees seem to have found favor with students. According to the report of the Inquiry Taulbee CRA IT Licence and enrollment trends, 2010-11, enrollment in undergraduate computer science increased 9.6 percent in the 2011-12 school year. This was the fourth consecutive year of increased enrollment in courses of computer science *.

The increased demand for degrees of computers among students indicates a corresponding growth in computer-related careers that can be financially rewarding personally rewarding and intellectually stimulating. Here is a selection of some curricula and computer careers that can lead to:

1. Computer Science Degree:

The degree of IT has been ranked among the studies of ten top college programs for salaries in 2011-12 salary report by college. According to the report, the computer science graduates earn an average starting salary of US $ 56,600, and mid-career, which can go up to US $ 97,900, depending on location, education and experience **.

omputer science graduates have the opportunity to choose from a variety of exciting careers.

For example, software engineers are responsible for designing and developing software applications that allow people to perform specific tasks on the computer as chief information officer or technology manager plans of information, coordinates and directs the IT operations organization.

2. Programming Degree Computer:

As its name suggests, a degree of computer programming focuses on graduate training in various programming languages ​​and provide them with the skills to continue learning new languages ​​as and when they are developed . A computer programming degree prepares graduates for the role of a programmer who wrote the code needed to convert the projects developed by software engineers in current software applications. Programmers also developing video games; web applications; financial, business processes, medical, or educational software; and more.

A fascinating work, a well-defined career path and the possibility of a salary of $ 71,380 per year, depending on location, education and experience: a computer programming degree can help you get all this and more * **!

3. Computer Technology Degree:

A degree of computer technology is designed to train graduates in nuts and computer and repair screws network. This computer degree is ideal for people interested in IT support functions such as help desk technician, user support technician, expert technical support, etc.

Depending on your role, experts in computer support help IT and non-IT organization with the proper use of computers and equipment. They install software programs and equipment; the correct hardware and software failures; maintain computer networks; install security software; and educate and train users.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for May 2010 computer support specialists was $ 46,260 per year, depending on education, experience and location ****.

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