Build Your Own Cisco Home Lab For Beginners

You can start building your own home lab using Cisco many simulators available out there on the Internet, but nothing like the real Cisco devices.

Imagine having Cisco devices on your own LAN, impressive. Also, have a real hand experience on how to configure Cisco devices can definitely increase your chance of passing the Cisco certification exam.

If you are over budget in your hands, then go ahead, buy routers and used Cisco switches. You can get them at a really affordable price - compare to the real new Cisco price, you are looking at a price higher than $ 1,000 for a single device.

From a sold Used Cisco can get discounts up to 90% or more. Then, the devices that you should start, there are many Cisco devices there. If you need these devices in its own laboratory for the CCNA exam, the key is to know which subjects are tested on the exam.

Let's see, you definitely need routers and switches, you need at least 2 routers and switches 2.


Having 2 routers simulates routing protocols, and 2 switches allow you to practice VLANs, VTP, etc.

Best Cisco CCNA lab home router I think it is the 2611 router, they are cheaper than others, have slots for adding expansion cards if you need to update your router to allow VOIP, WAN, etc.

If you have more money, you can purchase the WIC-1T module (US $ 30-50) to simulate WAN network. To complete the WAN environment, you can get additional 2523 router to less than US $ 100 t
his router can act as a frame relay switch.


The next thing is the switch, you do not need a large Layer 3 switches for the CCNA exam, which can cost over $ 500 each.

You can buy something like Catalyst 2924 switch and 2950,
​​which should be enough for the exam. 12, 24 or 48 ports?

Another important, but often overlooked by first Cisco buyers are used cables. Make sure that the seller provide you with the cable cord and the console to configure Cisco devices.

One end of the console cable is RJ45 connecting Cisco devices and the other end is the serial port to the serial port of your PC.

If you use the WIC cards, then you need the crossing of DB-60 cable, you connect this cable in the WIC card back-to-back to another router.

Server Access / Routers

It does not really need in your LAN access server, but it is very convenient that one day you would need anyway.

Access Servers enable connection to all Cisco devices on your network without having to plug and unplug the console cable between routers and switches.

You can buy the series routers 2500 (2509, 2510, 2511 or 2512) to access servers, you also get the octal cable.

ctal cable is a cable that has a serial port at one end, where you turn to the asynchronous port on your router and the other end is not one, but eight RJ45 cables from the console.

With only an octal cable you can control up to 8 Cisco devices.

That is, many people will offer different devices in your Cisco lab is really up to you and your budget. Cisco lab kits are sets of Cisco devices generally for certification, they have lab kits for CCNA to the CCIE, and the important thing is they sell them at a very good price.

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