Cayman Islands Museums

Museums are educational, engaging and interesting for people of all ages to explore. If you want to learn about the culture of new places, there is a good chance that you visit local museums when traveling. Caribbean travel destinations are home to many great examples; if you visit the islands, visit the museum of the automobile Cayman, National Museum and Mission House.

Cayman Islands National Museum

The National Museum Cayman Islands is located on the corner of Harbor Drive and Shedden Road in Grand Cayman, which is opposite the port of George Town. This museum is dedicated to the heritage of the Cayman Islands, with more than 7500 items, including historical documents, coins and specimens. Visitors can explore the natural history, cultural history and art collections and current exhibitions. Upcoming exhibitions National Museum "Migratory birds Cayman Islands" and "Birdie" special for children. The museum also hosts regular events such as the series of speakers, and guests can enjoy the onsite gift shop and cafe.

Cayman Motor Museum

The Cayman Motor Museum is located at 864 North West Point Road, West Bay Grand Cayman. The only car museum on the islands, this unique property is home to over 75 rare models of cars and motorcycles. Open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm, the Cayman Motor Museum was opened in 2010. The wide range of unique cars on display includes a replica of a 1905 Cadillac, which was the first car ever driven in Cayman, the original Batmobile replica of Batcycle, Daimler DK400, the first queen of the second limousine property Elizabeth, Elton John Bentley in 1963 and, last but not least, the first car ever made a 1886 Benz Motor Cayman Museum can be rented for special events, and there is a gift shop on site.

The Mission House

Cayman Mission House is a historical site that is often referred to as one of the museums of the islands. The two-story house, this place was used by colonists in 1700, who took the game birds and water sources. Located 63 Gun Square in Grand Cayman Bodden Town, the Mission House also has a resource room Cayman Islands Archives and National Museum exhibition, and there is a shop on site.

The Mission House, Cayman and Cayman National Museum Auto Museum are excellent resources to learn about the culture and history of these beautiful islands. If you are looking to explore artifacts from the 1700s, or just a familiar internal activity on a rainy afternoon, Cayman museums are an excellent choice.

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