China King The Dim Sum Delight In Chandler

Today felt like we were back in China, or perhaps authentic Chinatown in San Francisco. Instead, they were in Chandler, Arizona, feasting on a breakfast favorite Dim Sum. We have our favorites, and now we've added some new dishes.

Hill's team, accompanied by several friends enjoyed a lunch of crispy shrimp dumplings, barbecue steamed cakes, spring rolls crispy, tasty ribs, shrimp Shy May and Hun Sui Gok. L
ight green fresh vegetables that accompanied each competition piece melted in our mouths. Norm was partial to the seed Lotus Jin Dui, Baked Egg Tart, and cakes of boiled egg cream. They satisfy your sweet tooth. Of course, food lovers can also order chow mein, duck, noodles, fried rice and a variety of seafood, all costs, including lobster.

When you return, perhaps tomorrow we will order seafood in a clay pot or hot plate of scallops and shrimp. All this with a fast and friendly service, and the joy of seeing families enjoying a meal together as they sit around a large round table. Wherever we lived, except for Boston, New York and San Francisco, we found it difficult to find delicious authentic Chinese food, especially dim sum at a reasonable price. China King is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, but Dim Sum is served at lunch. China King is located at 1050 W. Ray Road in Chandler, Tel 480 899 8099. For Dim Sum to go the fax is 480-812-8989.

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