Chinese Food Dim Sum

Chinese Food Dim Sum Reviews

Many non-Chinese think that the dim sum is just a baked dumpling with perhaps a sauce to accompany. However, although it is a type of dim sum, the term "dim sum" does not refer to a single recipe, but a style of serving a wide range of different types of snacks.

Dim sum originated in the Guangdong province of China and was always served with tea. Cookies are very popular and are usually made with flour and steam, which is a soft ball, slightly sticky.

A type of dumpling or Gau Gau Ji is composed of a very fragile stuffed rice flour pasta with various vegetables like cabbage or tofu harvested. Shrimp and shrimp types are often used to fill dim sum dumplings.

Crab eggs with Chinese mushrooms is a common filling for dumplings fried squid or other seafood can also be found in the basket of dim sum. Another variety of dumpling is Chiu-Chao and they are usually filled with shrimp or chicken, combined with mushrooms or peanuts, garlic, green onions and other flavorings.

Bau is a frozen dumpling with sugar, which it changes from white to brown and is considered a bun. These are stuffed with chicken and green onions and are a delight.

Dim sum is ideal for vegetarians that the car will often offer rolls stuffed with chopped vegetables such as carrots, cabbage or mushrooms.

So, we discussed some of the many varieties of cookies, breads and rolls, dim sum, but does not stop there.

Other possibilities include a rice porridge called congee and of course, desserts. Thousand layer cake (Chang Chien GB), made from a dough with the milk and the egg is one of those and a steamed cake is sweetened with other syrup. For a lighter finish to a meal, tofu sprinkled ginger syrup is a favorite.

We have barely begun to explore the possibilities of dim sum that although usually steamed or fried, can consist of almost anything snack, like in a game. This can include sesame toast, meatballs, chops or chicken feet, even steamed.

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