Chinese Food Must Visit Places In The Districts Of Manhattan and Queens, NYC

Queens neighborhoods and Manhattan all offer wonderful opportunities for you to enjoy the many delicate nuances of Chinese cuisine. The most basic $ 3.75 (at current prices), with 3 courses plus steamed rice prices for gourmet food portions ultra tony restaurants outside of Chinatown, customers can make their choice.

1) Flor de Mayo This is Chinese cuisine (Cantonese specifically), Latin America (ie Peru) style you can enjoy somewhere on the Upper West Side. For fusion cuisine that you can expect in fancy eateries, this place is very affordable. Very popular dishes include "ceviche mixto" with onions, scallops, squid and octopus. It is located between 83 and 84th Streets in Amsterdam Avenue.

2) S
picy and tasty Located at 39-07 Prince Street, Flushing, Queens, where a true Hong Kong as the neighborhood there now that has grown larger than Manhattan's Chinatown. Here, you hit Sichuan (Szechuan) The -Chinese style meals that are laced with lots of chilli, Chinese celery, and pepper sauces in their dishes.

3) F
avorite Szechuan Gourmet Midtown West location Chinese food for those looking for the spicy variety of meals, without too much salt, not greasy looking, and no MSG.

4) Big Wong King between Bayard and Canal on Mott Street in Chinatown, this place (also known as "Dai Wong," which is the translation of the Chinese name) serves Cantonese cuisine. It is always crowded with customers who yearn for noodles, congee, roast duck, among others. The experience is completed by a small tight spot, with "not as" ideal level of service at affordable prices, however, all these give the customer a general feeling of having tasted authentic Chinese food in the heart its Chinatown.

5) Congee Village With current locations in Allen Street, Lower East Side, and along Bowery Nolita, her special chicken house nicknamed "chicken flavored with garlic" is a must-taste in your menu item. They d other items on their extensive menu has a heavy tilt in Cantonese cuisine and run at least 7 pages - a sign that you are on a great adventure in his quest for authentic Chinese food this side of Manhattan, margin Chinatown.

6) Grand Sichuan International They have seven locations covering NYC, including Jersey City. If you do not want to spend the time to go all the way to Chinatown, and you are also in New York, this is the place to go for Chinese food. Try their spicy dan dan noodles, tofu my po, dry fried green beans, baked twice and eggplant flavored fish. You will also notice a large number of Chinese in the future with their meals here - a sign that serves authentic Chinese cuisine.

7) Wo Hop Restaurant also on Mott Street in Chinatown, where there are other notable Chinese restaurants, you'll find it in the basement. You will be served with Chinese servers working to please you and work to understand what you want for your meal.

8) Golden Unicorn Located on East Broadway is far from Canal Street, where you can have trouble finding on street parking if you bring your car, this is the place if you want to enjoy cookies all imaginable tasty varieties in style.

9) Wu Liang Ye Located in Midtown, on 36 W48th Street near Times Square and Rockefeller Center, this is a respectable restaurant is obviously always packed with customers from all over the city. Here you will find authentic Szechuan flavor (ie, often spicy) food price that will provide you set for your desire for Chinese food throughout the year without the need to go to Chinatown.
10) The White Bear ( "Bai Xiong" in Mandarin) certainly be included here; 135-02 Roosevelt Avenue located in Flushing, Queens. Experience to savor the delicious dumplings and noodles with wontons (supposedly among the best tasting this side of Queens). It is a small cottage a place to eat that offers delicious Chinese mandarin meal.

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