Cisco 2811 Routers For Small and Medium Enterprises

The integrated services router Cisco 2811 is investigated very India and the United States. The Cisco router, classified as a Cisco 2800 Series router has been around for years.

Possible reasons for the increase in popularity:

Promotion or special is offered through an email campaign from Cisco directly.

    More companies already using Cisco 2811, and find it a reliable router on other brands and series. Network of resellers and wholesalers in the final B2B is to find the most difficult to acquire router for the Cisco 2811 resale.

Why small businesses choose the Cisco 2811 integrated into your network?

Attributing the possible increase in popularity, the Cisco router has been around for some time and has won a good reputation through various B2B channels, forum posts, paid advertisements, promotions, press releases and mouth hear.  

Some features of the Cisco 2811 router can be in a buzz back to this Cisco router series:

For the security of the router, the device supports up to 1500 VPN tunnels with the AIM-EPII-PLUS module supports the antivirus defense by the NAC, and acts as an intrusion detection system and a visor -Fire Cisco.

    On the router website voice, not analog and digital voice call support, and optional CME voice mail support Optional support SRST and up to 36 IP phones for the treatment of a local call.

    The basic features include support for over 90 existing and new modules and integrated two 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports and optional support layer 2 switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Cisco continues to support the Cisco 2811?

Yes, the Cisco 2811 has not reached its end of life date depending on your company website. When Cisco terminates the life of a product, they will usually remove more information about the device to force it to a different solution. You can also request to review the configuration and support of the device where you buy the Cisco 2811. If it is within your budget and you are becoming, h
ire a professional to handle your CCNA network. A CCNA Cisco is the basis of most standard certification, valid and have a basic knowledge of the network to Cisco networks.

Taking the wrong parcel wasting time and money.

Integrated Service Router AC, 2Fe, 1 NME, 4 HWIC, 2 PVDM slots, two goals and database of IP Cisco IOS software - CISCO2811

    CISCO2811-AC-IP - integrated services router with AC power including power over ethernet distribution capability, 2Fe, 1 NME, 4 HWIC, 2 PVDM slots, 2 visa, and Cisco IOS IP software Base

    CISCO2811-DC - Service Router Integrated DC, 2Fe, 1 NME, 4 HWIC, 2 PVDM slots, 2 goals and Cisco IOS IP software Base

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