Cisco Approved Memory Vs. Third Party

There is great confusion among Cisco customers that the difference really is between Cisco memory modules approved and its counterparts in third.

Customers memory parts get when they purchase Cisco equipment is manufactured by Cisco approved OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The OEM could be approved vendor list of any company Cisco (AVL), which includes companies such as OKI Semiconductor, NEC Electronics and Samsung, among others. Approved / OEM or "first party" Cisco memory refers to memory parts manufactured by Cisco AVL companies; These memory modules have been specifically designed for use by Cisco Systems and subjected to rigorous and comprehensive testing before being approved by Cisco for use with your routers and other products. These modules are guaranteed to have 100% compatibility with their corresponding Cisco equipment and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Third party memory modules, on the other hand, are manufactured by companies not in Cisco AVL and not tested or approved by Cisco Systems. The manufacturer is guarantee supply and compatibility guarantee for these memory modules, but Cisco does not. And while the manufacturers of memory modules claim to be fully compatible with Cisco specifications, Cisco has the right to refuse warranty service if the fault is considered caused by third party memory modules; and although it was later discovered, then Cisco will charge the customer for the service.

And while memory modules are third cheaper and useful for certain groups such as students learn about Cisco equipment, they represent a certain level of risk for any company considering the use of these modules. Think of all unnecessary downtime and how much it will cost your business. A
pproved memory modules have been rigorously tested by Cisco Systems suitable for use with Cisco equipment, they do not affect the warranty of the equipment used in the service modules and memory themselves are covered by a guarantee for life.

It is simply the best choice of business for any company choose Cisco memory modules approved.

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