Companies Of All Sizes Using Cisco Unified Communications As The Solution

Cisco Systems ®, Inc. proudly proclaimed that large and small companies have adopted the Cisco Unified Communications solution as the first choice to make your business more efficient and productive individual through Internet Protocol (IP) based on communications.

Some of the companies who have discovered the difference that choosing this system can include Warner Pacific Insurance Services, C. J. Hughes Construction and JJ Food Service. They are in good company, because companies of all sizes see a good return on their investment size, and watch your back out, all thanks to the choice of Cisco Unified Communications system. The Cisco Unified Communications system appeared in the business world in March 2006. As a data collection applications, integrated video and voice, the system was designed to enable companies of all sizes to have the ability to transmit information more efficiently, which in turn, cause these firms to operate more efficiently.

Warner Pacific Insurance Services is a Cisco customer happy. This company is the employer of about 100 people, and 35 of them are compromises phones of workers. Recently, the company decided to make an addition to your Cisco Unified Communications system. Warner Pacific has recently implemented the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator and Cisco Unified Presence Server. This allows Warner Pacific employees now have tools that take advantage of voice, video and web conferencing to communicate with customers. This allows them to work more efficiently, and also saves the company money by reducing cases of phone tag.

Michael is Dedecker network administrator for Warner Pacific Insurance Services, and is glad to Cisco Unified Communications. The innate intelligence of this communication system offers the flexibility to allow productivity to rise.

C. J. Hughes Construction

Even a small or medium business can reap many benefits of the Cisco Unified Communications system capacity to be easily expanded when the workload and requirements. C. J. Hughes Construction, located in West Virginia, uses the power of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 4.0 and Cisco Unity Express 2.3 as its strategic advantage for your contact center with the customer. They think this system allows your business a little easier, and make better communication. The system is made available at a fixed monthly rate for a Cisco Premier ® certificate and specialized unified communications partner. A managed service is perfect for a company of this size, the company can have all the options that come with this service without paying capital to implement the service. C
ustomer service needs are a snap with Cisco!

JJ Food Service Ltd.

This company has been a loyal customer of Cisco for a while. JJ Food Service Ltd. also set Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0 for distribution in all offices for voice and Cisco Unified Personal Communicator is also in use for employees to improve their communication with others.

JJ Food Services IT Manager Rif Kiamil, says the company has always believed that the Cisco communications system eliminated the limits that can be between employees, partners and customers, reduced the amount of money spent on communication and joined If data, voice, video, and so as to make the company to continue to adhere.

Cisco Unified Communications is a mobile and a unified system that can be added at will. He is known to be useful in the business world, allowing zero employees on good resources. The system includes several new features, specifications, applications and products. These include Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Cisco Unity, Cisco Unified IP Contact Center and Cisco Unified Presence Server and Customer Interaction Analyzer.

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